Neuroscience Deep Dive: Understand The Impact of Energetic Connections on Employee Happiness

Energetic connections are very important for our own happiness, both in the workplace and our personal lives. Unsurprisingly, relationships are linked to the Emotional brain system in our neuroscience model.

If you've just landed on this page, we recommend reading our introduction to brain systems and the neuroscience themes for more context. Otherwise, read on for everything you need to know about how our happiness can be dictated by energetic connections in the workplace.

Everything in our universe is made up of energy, from the stars in the sky to the soil beneath our feet. Even humans are comprised of energy. If we can learn to harness this energy and apply it in our workplaces, we can begin to unlock the power of energetic connections to build stronger relationships with our colleagues.

Energetic Connections and the Workplace 

The journey through neuroscience helps us better understand people around us. Why do people think the way they do? Why do they feel the way they do? This ultimately helps us understand why they behave in the way that they do. These energetic connections and the way humans respond to each other are incredibly powerful. Being able to understand and unlock that within a working environment would supercharge the performance of organisations. For the Happiness Index and the people who use our platform, we're really trying to help them understand and unlock this power. 

Physics, the Universe, and the Workplace 

The next phase of business and organisational health is understanding energy and how it works. Emotion is just one form of that. There are many levels of energy in the way we connect with people. When we're energetically connected, we get each other. It's where trust and mutual understanding are born. We've parked a lot of issues in our previous thinking about organisations and people because we couldn't understand them. Now, those things come back onto the table through neuroscience and the quantum understanding of energy because there's a whole new world that's opening up because of technology. There's so much more potential in human beings. Also, understanding the way our own perceptions work is another area where by collaboration, we put together people's perspectives of the world to come up with something very special rather than seeing someone else's view as a threat to us. Ultimately, it's all about energy. That's what we are, so let’s understand it. 

The Data in Emotions 

The “change curve” helps to understand how people respond to a situation. Often, a situation is triggered by relationships or how we collaborate or communicate with another person. People aren't simple, they are complex, and different things impact that complexity. What the data and the Happiness Index platform allow people to do is have somewhere to let out how they’re feeling without projecting it onto another person. It's also helpful to take a step back and understand where the responses we are collecting (the employee voice) are coming from. Whether it's from an emotional place or a more rational headspace. We can then respond in an actioned way rather than from an emotional place. 

Everything is Personal

We interpret everything on a personal level. We attach an emotional value to anything we hear. Understanding how we work with those things and interpret things emotionally is critical to effective relationships in a business. But emotions have typically been banned from organisations. We don't know how to deal with them, so let's not get emotional. Now we understand all people are emotionally driven. The more we invest in understanding emotions, instead of denying them with false positivity, we can remove the emotional blockages and return to the job.

Final thoughts

Think about ways you can harness this energy and nurture those connections between your employees. At the Happiness Index, we’ve recently started having a monthly office day. These “energy days” are opportunities to connect and work together. There's an energy that just feels different. Think of ways you can also harness energy working remotely because there are so many opportunities to get people connecting and make the most of the energy that flows between them.

*This is an excerpt from the Happiness and Humans Podcast Co-founder and Chief Platform Officer Tony Latter, Laura Page, the People and Happiness Assistant and Head of Neuroscience Clive Hyland.  

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