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Attracting retaining happy staff

The Great Resignation | Attracting and Retaining Your People

Back in January, our Head of Global Happiness, Matt predicted that once the economy started recovering from the pandemic we would see the biggest shift in talent in a generation. This prediction is starting to come true. A study by Microsoft showed that 41% of employees are thinking about leaving their current job in the […]

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Neuroscience brain types

Introducing The Brain Types

If you’ve been engaging with our content for a while, you probably know that we bang on about neuroscience a lot. In fact, we use it to underpin every decision we make on our platform and in our company. We don’t just love neuroscience, we live it.  In this post, we’re going to talk about […]

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Welcome to the Neuroscience Upgrade

Have you heard? We’ve launched the biggest upgrade to our platform yet!  We’re calling it the Neuroscience upgrade, and we’ve baked Neuroscience into every facet of our platform. This means that as well as being informed by expertise and insight into the world of organisational culture, our platform is underpinned by the science of how […]

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How to Make Culture Your Scaling Superpower

At our recent webinar, “Is Culture a Scaling Superpower?”, we were lucky enough to talk to a panel of experts about their experiences of scaling culture. Our Head of Global Happiness, Matt Phelan was joined by Jemma Rawlins, Director and Co-Founder of HRLife, David Barker, Chief People Officer at Paddle, and Darren Bates-Hirst, Head of […]

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Sign which reads "Hello, My pronouns are" with a blank space to fill in

How to create safe spaces for the trans community

As part of our Pride month activities, Margot Slattery, Head of D&I as ISS, shared with us her tips for creating, building and maintaining safe spaces for the trans community. Her guide is applicable to organisations regardless of how far along your D&I journey you are.  Start off with intent Foster a sense of belonging […]

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Freedom to be Human Day is coming

Freedom to be Human Day is coming…

Today is a huge day in the history of The Happiness Index. In July we are launching a huge neuroscience upgrade to our employee engagement and happiness platform in response to global changes in the world of work since the pandemic started. What is Freedom to be Human Day? To celebrate the Neuroscience upgrade of […]

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