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Employee sentiment during lockdown

Employee Sentiment Changing over Lockdown

We’ve been offering our Employee Voice 24/7 service on a complimentary basis to hundreds of organisations throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. So, what does the data show about how employees have been feeling during lockdown and how employee sentiment is changing? Employees Less Happy than ‘Normal’ We are asking employees “How are you feeling today?”. They […]

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Future of work

5 Key Factors Driving the Future of Work

“This is the time for change, for a profound systemic shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet.” – United Nations Over the last 4 months, we’ve experienced unparalleled levels of change as individuals, families, organisations and communities. However long the Covid-19 outbreak lasts one thing’s for sure – […]

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Mental health resilience

Today’s emotions are tomorrow’s performance

The Road to Resilience – Building Mental Resilience Despite Uncertainty As we move into the 4th month of lockdown, all HR leaders and CEOs are trying to juggle high levels of uncertainty in their business, both for individual employees and their organisation’s as a whole. They’re worried about how long lockdown will last. How it […]

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House of Cheer Partnership The Happiness Index

Measuring Workplace Happiness in India

The Happiness Index Announces Launch of Partnership with House of Cheer to Measure Workplace Happiness in India The Happiness Index, the leading human insights company, has announced the launch of a new strategic partnership with House of Cheer Pvt. Ltd to measure workplace happiness in India. House of Cheer, founded by former Viacom18 COO and […]

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Freedom to Breathe

Freedom to breathe

It’s been a long, emotional rollercoaster few weeks watching everything going on back home in Minneapolis with George Floyd protests and the video of Amy Cooper in New York. I wanted to find a better way to stand up for the injustices going on besides just signing petitions, donating, making phone calls etc. I was […]

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Happy 6th Birthday

Happy 6th Birthday The Happiness Index!

Happy birthday! It’s our birthday today, we’re six years old and even though we’re going through a difficult period with being in lockdown. We wanted to celebrate. When birthdays arrive we often look back and use it as a time for reflection, so this morning I read our first ever blog post. It was the […]

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Sleep and circadian rhythm not ready for work

The Impact of sleep on wellness & productivity

The stress of living under lockdown, and dealing with our new world reality is playing havoc with our sleep patterns! One-third of people in Britain are estimated to suffer from a lack of sleep on a regular basis. Poor quality sleep harms your brain’s reaction time, concentration, memory and decision-making ability. As this afflicts so […]

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