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The Happiness Index Sponsor Lewes FC Captain, Rhian Cleverly

The Happiness Index is delighted to announce their sponsorship of Lewes Football Club women’s captain, Rhian Cleverly for the 2022/23 season. Find out more.

The Happiness Index Launches Partnership with Sodexo BRS Romania

The Happiness Index is delighted to announce the launch of a new partnership with Sodexo Benefits & Rewards (BRS) in Romania. Read on for more info.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Achieving work-life balance is tough. We examine the importance of balance to help you create engaged and happy workers enjoying work-life balance.

Grief is The Price we Pay For Love

A significant moment, the passing of Queen Elizabeth will impact people in different ways. A few thoughts on helping your people though differing emotions.

Quiet Quitting - What is it And What Does it Mean For Your Organisation?

Quiet quitting is all over social media at the moment. But what is it, and how could it affect your organisation? Read on to find out!

The Cost of Living Crisis - How HRs Can Support

The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone - businesses and individuals. Read on to find out what HR professionals and business leaders do to support?

Inspirus & The Happiness Index Announce New Partnership & Launch of Employee Recognition Index

Learn about our partnership with Inspirus offering organisations a tech platform delivering a combination of employee recognition, engagement & happiness

I Spoke at TEDXBrighton - Here's What I Shared

A couple of months ago, our co-founder, Matt Phelan, Spoke at TEDxBrighton. Find out what he shared in this video!

Why & How to Measure DE&I?

In this blog post our experts will show you why you should be measuring your strategy as well as giving you some ideas about what you could be measuring.

How to Launch a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programme

Once you’ve written your DE&I strategy, it’s time to launch your diversity, equity and inclusion programme. Follow our 5 top tips for maximum success.

Intersectionality in The Workplace: What is it & How Does it Apply?

Intersectionality plays an important part in our current understanding of DE&I. Our blog post explains what it means and how it apples to the workplace.

Is Hybrid Working Still The Future?

Conversations about the pros and cons of hybrid working are everywhere. At THI we believe that hybrid working is still the future. Here’s why.

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