10 Tips For LGBTQ+ Inclusion In The Workplace

Inclusivity in the workplace is increasingly important for the role of a HR professional. We explore the specific obstacles and offer actionable insights.

Love Unleashed: Conquering Biphobia & Lesbophobia For A Happier Workplace

Love knows no boundaries, yet discrimination continues within our workplaces. So let's explore the effects of biphobia and lesbophobia on the workplace.

Rainbow Check-In: Is Your Organisation Embracing Pride Or Just Painting It?

Let's dive into the rainbow check-in and examine how companies can genuinely foster an inclusive environment.

Navigating HR Challenges In The UK Education Sector

Discover how The Happiness Index helps tackle retention, stress, and wellbeing issues in education. Empower your institution today!

The Importance Of Workplace Wellbeing

Discover why workplace wellbeing is so important. Learn how to improve physical health, mental health and provide organisational support for both today.

10 Tips For Supporting Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental health and wellbeing is a hot topic within HR. Read about 10 things the People team at The Happiness Index is doing to support mental health.

Employee Wellbeing Surveys: What You Need To Know

Discover all you need to know about running an employee wellbeing survey that helps you to achieve your organisation’s goals. Read on for our top tips.

Employee Surveys: What Will They Look Like in 2024?

Employee surveys can be a powerful tool for improving workplace culture and driving your business forward. Find out where to focus your efforts in 2024.

12 Tips For Building An Employee-Centric Listening Strategy

Are you ready to build your employee listening program but want to find out how to put your people in the centre? Read on for our step by step guide.

Employee Engagement & Happiness Platform Review: 10 Software Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Discover our top 10 employee engagement platform software picks, including what we use ourselves to support our people.

Empathetic Leadership: 7 Tips for Being an Empathetic Leader

Progressive organisations are looking beyond traditional strategies for leadership to ensure they can motivate, boost performance and improve the business.

Latest Trends in Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the most important catalyst for business success. Following these steps will enable a thriving business of the future. Read on.


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