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Happy chemicals hormones

The Biology (and Chemistry) of Happiness

This is inspired by chapter 8 of my book, Freedom to be happy: The Business Case for Happiness I want to discuss the science around happy hormones with you. We often talk about science like it’s one person saying that things are and aren’t correct, but really, there are lots of scientists and sometimes they don’t […]

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Hybrid working - future of work

Reimagining the Future of Work

Happiness and Humans Community Roundtable event summary This week we hosted our second Happiness & Humans community round table. The session was focused on returning to the office and re-imagining the future of work post lockdown! Because this is such a hot topic for many organisations, we wanted to share our discussion to hopefully spark […]

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Future of work post pandemic

Prepping Your People for the Future of Work

Lockdown is easing, we’ve entered a new financial year and fingers crossed we’ll even get some sunshine! There’s a lot of change happening in the workplace too, which puts pressure on organisations and all their stakeholders.  As we start to move into what people once again are calling “The new normal”, it might be time […]

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The Happiness Index going to France

The Happiness Index to open operations in France

We are delighted to announce that we just appointed Global HR leader, Business Coach and HR Consultant, Adrien Desboudard as Happiness Index Director for Western Europe!  Our Co-Founder Matt, on Adrien’s acquisition: “We are so excited to have appointed Adrien as our Happiness Index Director for Western Europe. This is part of our wider expansion […]

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Becoming B Corps

Becoming B-Corp – What and Why?

If you’ve been following us on LinkedIn, you may have seen some videos we shared recently about our journey towards becoming B-Corps certified. This is a really exciting journey for us as we think it will help us to walk the walk as well as talk the talk! The best part is we’re going to […]

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Forging the Future of Work – My Reflections

It was pleasure to speak to Caroline Court,  Head of Global Workplace Community & Innovation, Ericsson, Jo Henderson, HR Director, Clear Channel UK and Dr Scarlett E Brown, Consultant, CIPD today about how we forge a better future of work. A lot has changed since we initially looked at this topic last summer, and it’s […]

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The Neuroscience of Change

We’ve got big changes on the horizon. With lockdown lightening over the coming days and weeks, many of us may be starting to think about getting the future of work and returning to the office. After a year of working from home, this might be a bit of a shock to the system. Although some […]

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