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HR basecamp lesson

Too Woke for Work? : What we can learn from the Basecamp controversy

Over the last few weeks the HR twitterverse has spoken extensively about the controversial decision by technology company Basecamp’s decision to ban political conversations on their internal messaging tool. There are plenty of people on both sides of the debate, and other organisations, like Coinbase and even Google have similar policies.  Back up, what is […]

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Mental health and nature

Boosting Mental Health Through Nature

Mental Health Awareness week is a big deal here at The Happiness Index. Our mission is to help provide people with the Freedom to be Human. Of course, all humans have mental health. Whether it’s good or bad relies on a number of interrelated factors. Although genetics do have a big part to play in […]

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Attracting retaining happy staff

Future of Work | Attracting and Retaining Your People

Back in January, our Head of Global Happiness, Matt predicted that once the economy started recovering from the pandemic we would see the biggest shift in talent in a generation. With the first tastes of post-pandemic life starting to creep back, at least in the UK, this prediction is starting to come true. A recent […]

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Ban mum guilt

Working Parents | Let’s Ban Mum Guilt

Do you ever feel the pain of Mum Guilt? If so, you’re not alone! Social media manager Amy Downes is on a mission for all parents to ban those feelings. The mum of two is inviting mums and dads to take part in her campaign #BanMumGuilt. There are many things I was expecting from motherhood, […]

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Chris Hyland Quarterly Customer Update

Chris’s Quarterly Customer Update

Hi there, and welcome to my quarterly customer update. I have one aim when I write these, which is to keep you informed on all the exciting developments that happen within our company and how they should be positively affecting you. In this edition, I will be sharing some exciting news around funding and what […]

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Happy chemicals hormones

The Biology (and Chemistry) of Happiness

This is inspired by chapter 8 of my book, Freedom to be happy: The Business Case for Happiness I want to discuss the science around happy hormones with you. We often talk about science like it’s one person saying that things are and aren’t correct, but really, there are lots of scientists and sometimes they don’t […]

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Hybrid working - future of work

Reimagining the Future of Work

Happiness and Humans Community Roundtable event summary This week we hosted our second Happiness & Humans community round table. The session was focused on returning to the office and re-imagining the future of work post lockdown! Because this is such a hot topic for many organisations, we wanted to share our discussion to hopefully spark […]

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Future of work post pandemic

Prepping Your People for the Future of Work

Lockdown is easing, we’ve entered a new financial year and fingers crossed we’ll even get some sunshine! There’s a lot of change happening in the workplace too, which puts pressure on organisations and all their stakeholders.  As we start to move into what people once again are calling “The new normal”, it might be time […]

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