Employee Engagement & Happiness Platform Review: 10 Software Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Discover our top 10 employee engagement platform software picks, including what we use ourselves to support our people.

Empathetic Leadership: 7 Tips for Being an Empathetic Leader

Progressive organisations are looking beyond traditional strategies for leadership to ensure they can motivate, boost performance and improve the business.

Latest Trends in Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the most important catalyst for business success. Following these steps will enable a thriving business of the future. Read on.

Ad Hoc Employee Pulse Surveys Vs Always-On Listening

The growing awareness for the need of data on employee's engagement and happiness has lead to a rise in pulse surveys and always-on listening. Read on.

Is Hybrid Working Still The Future?

Conversations about the pros and cons of hybrid working are everywhere. At THI we believe that hybrid working is still the future. Here’s why.

Linking Employee Benefits & Employee Listening

Employee benefits and employee listening work together to help to create a thriving employee culture. Read on to find out how these two elements are linked.

10 Benefits of Employee Engagement Surveys

There are great benefits of employee engagement surveys. Discover the impact of measuring and understanding your employee engagement status for yourself.

5 Easy Wins For Your ESG Strategy

Discover our top tips to help you find quick wins within your ESG strategy so that you be successful with ESG in your organisation.

How to Develop Your ESG Strategy to Set You up For Success

Developing an ESG strategy is a long process. We’ve created a helpful guide to make it as easy as possible.

ESG Communication Strategy - Answering Your Questions!

Have questions about building an ESG communication strategy? We have answers! Let’s dive into the details together…

What is eNPS & How Can You Improve it?

eNPS is a method of measuring employee loyalty and satisfaction. Read on for more information on how you can improve your score, including benchmarking.

Happiness Has No Borders

Pat has moved to Canada! Read on to find out more about this great adventure and what it means for our customers and all of us at The Happiness Index.


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