Employee Surveys: What Will They Look Like in 2024?

Employee surveys can be a powerful tool for improving workplace culture and driving your business forward. Find out where to focus your efforts in 2024.

Latest Trends in Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the most important catalyst for business success. Following these steps will enable a thriving business of the future. Read on.

Bridging Data & Belonging: Insights From The Head Of People Data & Analytics At ISS UK

Jackie Dyal sat down with Clare Montgomery from ISS to look at how they create a culture of belonging.

A Blog Post on Employee Happiness by chatGPT

We asked chatGPT to write a blog post on employee happiness to see what it came up with. The piece wasn't bad! Check it out!

What is an API & How Does it Work?

Most of us have heard of an API but may not understand exactly what it is and how it works. Read on for our easy-to-understand answer.

Our ESG Survey

Find out how we developed our ESG survey to support your ESG efforts and the value you could gain from it!

What Data Should You Be Looking At?

It's not just about the quantity of data you collect, but also the quality. Read on to find out what data we think you should be collecting and why.

Making The Most of Your Data Using Cross-Theme Analysis

Our Cross-Theme Analysis tool will help you make the most of your happiness and engagement data. Read on to find out it's and how we can help!

How Much People Data do You Need Before it’s Accurate?

How much data do I need before my survey will give me accurate information about my organisation? Customer Success Manager, Rosanna Bull discusses.

Making The Most of Your Data Using Our 'Close The Feedback Loop' Tool

One of the most unique things about our platform is our Close The Feedback Loop tool which helps you solve problems effectively. Find out more.

4 Ways Variables Can Enhance Your Data

Variables are a great option to help you make sense of your people data. Find out more about how from our people data experts.

The Importance of Anonymous Feedback

Anonymous feedback is really important in HR and People functions. Find out why and how you can collect and analyse it on our blog.


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