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The Neuroscience of Employee Onboarding

At The Happiness Index we have a unique neuroscientific methodology linking back to key neuroscience themes. Read on for the neuroscience behind onboarding.

Self-Determination Theory to Improve Workplace Motivation

Self-determination theory refers to human motivation and its key drivers. Read our strategies to help you improve staff motivation and performance.

Employee Engagement: What You Need to Know

Employee engagement is something we care a lot about. Read on to find out what employee engagement is, why it’s important, how to measure it and more…

How to Create Psychological Safety at Work

Many HR professionals are talking about resilience, but we prefer to talk about psychological safety at work. Find out why from our experts.

What is Employee Engagement & Happiness?

Do you know what the difference is between employee engagement and employee happiness? Find out more with The Happiness Index.

Introducing The Brain Systems

Learn more about our brain systems based on neuroscience, including the areas of the brain they map onto and how they affect behaviours and thinking.

The Biology (& Chemistry) of Happiness

When it comes to happiness there are a few things we know about the chemicals (or happy hormones) that help regulate our mood and make us happier. Read on.

The Neuroscience of Change

With big changes on the horizon why is it that many of us feel so anxious? To uncover the reason, let's dive into the neuroscience behind change.

The Importance of a Happy Workplace

Are your employee engagement metrics high but you're still hearing complaints of unhappy staff? Read on to find out why workplace happiness is so important.

Which Happy Hormones are Released in the Workplace?

Our Head of Neuroscience reveals which hormones are at work in the workplace and how they can impact staff happiness and engagement positively. Read on.

Mental Resilience in The Workplace

The road to resilience - Building mental resilience despite uncertainty. Neuroscience tips to help build mental resilience and wellbeing.

Wow Your Willpower – Benefits For You, Your People & Your Business

Discover the importance of willpower and how businesses can implement strategies to create more willpower and improve productivity and performance.

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