TERF In The Workplace: Unmasking Prejudice & Fostering Inclusion

Join us on this journey as we shed light on the harm TERF ideology can cause and explore why it is essential to combat it in our professional environments.

Colourful Resilience: Nurturing Queer People Of Colour In The Workplace

This blog explores the physical and mental impact that dual identity can have on employees and highlights how organisations can be supportive.

Rainbow Check-In: Is Your Organisation Embracing Pride Or Just Painting It?

Let's dive into the rainbow check-in and examine how companies can genuinely foster an inclusive environment.

4 Benefits of Gender Affirming Practice in the Workplace

Workplaces around the world are seeing the importance of a diverse and inclusive environment. So let’s explore gender affirming practice in the workplace.

Love Unleashed: Conquering Biphobia & Lesbophobia For A Happier Workplace

Love knows no boundaries, yet discrimination continues within our workplaces. So let's explore the effects of biphobia and lesbophobia on the workplace.

Out & Proud: The Power of LGBTQ+ Safe Spaces In The Workplace

Coming out at work can be a huge moment for LGBTQ+ employees so we explore LGBTQ+ safe workplaces and how they contribute to employee satisfaction.

Supporting Neurodivergent Employees

Creating a neurodiverse team where everyone feels safe carries huge benefits for your organisation. Read our tips for supporting neurodivergence at work.

Neurodivergent Conditions, Diagnoses & Syndromes

As a leader or HR professional it's important to be supportive and understanding of neurodivergence. We look at some of the most common conditions.

Neurodiversity: Helpful Definitions

We look at some of the commonly used terms around neurodiversity, particularly those which you may come across in the workplace. Read our definitions.

Neurodiverse Vs Neurodivergent

In this article we’re looking at the terms neurodiverse and neurodivergent to help HR professionals understand the terms they need to support their people.

5 Things You Can do to Make Your Office More Accessible & Inclusive

Making your office more accessible can feel like a challenge, but since 21% of working age adults have a disability, it’s a must! Here are our 5 top tips.

Why & How To Measure DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)?

Our experts tell you why you should be measuring your diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, benchmarking and ideas about what you could be measuring.


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