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5 Ways Maternity Coaching Will Boost Your Business

Recent reports have highlighted the importance of parental support, now more than ever. Read on for 5 ways that maternity coaching can help your business

How to Support Employees Responsible For Employee Voice Feedback

5 helpful tips to ensure the people responsible for supporting your people have all the resources they need to do their job AND feel supported themselves.

Exit Strategies: Doing The Best For Your People

Letting go of employees is never easy. Read our tips for managing change, making the exit strategy human and offering support during these tough periods.

The Importance of Workplace Wellbeing

Discover why workplace wellbeing is so important. Learn how to improve physical health, mental health and provide organisational support for both today.

Brew Monday or Blue Monday? Debunking The Myths

Brew Monday or Blue Monday? We debunk the myths about the 3rd Monday in January. Read on to find out where it all came from and what it’s about.

Does Money Make You Happy?

Discover whether money can really make you happier. Read on to find out what the variables are and whether winning the lottery will fulfil your dreams.

10 Tips For Supporting Mental Health in The Workplace

Mental health and wellbeing is a hot topic within HR. Read about 10 things the People team at The Happiness Index is doing to support mental health.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Achieving work-life balance is tough. We examine the importance of balance to help you create engaged & happy workers enjoying work-life balance.

The Cost of Living Crisis - How HRs Can Support

The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone - businesses and individuals. Read on to find out what HR professionals and business leaders do to support?

The Parents Promise & Supporting Separating Families in the Workplace

Long-term relationship break ups are one of the most challenging events after bereavement. Find out how you can support separating families in the workplace

How Workplace Mental Health First Aid Training Changed My Life

Here at The Happiness Index we make mental health a priority. How? Read on to find out about our experience with Mental Health First Aid in the workplace.

Support Your Loved Ones Leave

At The Happiness Index we've implemented Support Your Loved Ones Leave, or SYLO, find out more about this policy and how we think it can support our people.

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