Employee Engagement & Happiness Platform Review: 10 Software Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Discover our top 10 employee engagement platform software picks, including what we use ourselves to support our people.

Is Hybrid Working Still The Future?

Conversations about the pros and cons of hybrid working are everywhere. At THI we believe that hybrid working is still the future. Here’s why.

Happiness Has No Borders

Pat has moved to Canada! Read on to find out more about this great adventure and what it means for our customers and all of us at The Happiness Index.

Matt Phelan Unveils His New Book 'The Happiness Index'

TEDx speaker and our co-founder Matt Phelan unveils new book 'The Happiness Index' exploring how emotions impact business performance.

Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services Invests In UK HR Tech Scale-Up, The Happiness Index

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Invests in The Happiness Index to Create the Ultimate Engagement Solution for Businesses and Employees

International Day of Happiness 2023: Unveiling Happiness Across the Globe

It’s International Day of Happiness 2023 and the World Happiness Report has been released! Find out who ranks highest and read our summary of the findings.

HR Priorities For 2023

2022 saw more changes than we probably ever thought possible. So what do we think the new year has in store for HR professionals and leadership teams?

Flexibility is For Life - Not Just The World Cup

Many organisations have said they’re increasing workplace flexibility so people can catch matches during the day. But what are the benefits of flexibility?

The Importance Of Leadership In Uncertain Times

Great leadership is extra important at times of change. In this blog post look at how HR and Leadership teams can be supportive in uncertain times.

The Happiness Index Launches New Global Partnership With Sodexo Benefits & Rewards

The Happiness Index is delighted to announce the launch of a new global partnership with Sodexo Benefits & Rewards (Sodexo BRS). Read on for more info.

The Happiness Index Sponsor Lewes FC Captain, Rhian Cleverly

The Happiness Index is delighted to announce sponsorship of Lewes Football Club women’s captain, Rhian Cleverly for the 2022/23 season. Find out more.

The Happiness Index Launches Partnership with Sodexo BRS Romania

The Happiness Index is delighted to announce the launch of a new partnership with Sodexo Benefits & Rewards (BRS) in Romania. Read on for more info.


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