Making The Most of Your Data Using Cross-Theme Analysis

You don’t want to do too many surveys too close together, before you’ve had time to feed back and create your action plan. Not only will this start to create friction for your people, but also the input from your HR or People professionals will be high. Between communications, sendings and follow up, a lot of thought goes into sending out even a single employee survey.

Because of this, we know that it’s super important to get the most value possible from any surveys you do send. One of the ways we make this possible within our product is through our Cross-Theme Analysis tool.

Cross-theme analysis tool

Here are five ways our Cross-Theme Analysis tool could help you make the most of your employee happiness and engagement data. 

1. Get an Instant, Visual Read on Your People Data

Your time is money. It’s precious to you and to your team. This is what is so powerful about our Cross-Theme Analysis tool. Since it sits directly on the homepage of your dashboard, you can see at a glance how your organisation is performing across the 8 neuroscience themes. Our neuroscience model shows that these 8 themes are the key drivers of happiness and engagement within your workplace. Using our tool you are able to see how your people are thinking and feeling in each area. 

We built this tool so that it pulls in all of the data from all of the surveys you have run. This means that every time you get feedback, your Cross-Theme Analysis dashboard will update to reflect the latest overview of how your people are thinking and feeling. Your people won’t feel happy and engaged all the time, but by being able to track fluctuations and trends you will be able to support your team as needed. 

2. Create a People Strategy That is Flexible & Bespoke to Your Organisation

Every question in our pre-built surveys is tagged with a neuroscience theme, and so every time you get feedback this feeds into our Cross-Theme Analysis tool. This allows you to keep a pulse on where your key strengths and weaknesses lie. Which in turn will allow you to keep your people strategy agile and attuned to what your people actually want and need. 

3. Dive Deeper Into Your Data

We designed our platform to break down data silos. The Cross-Theme Analysis tool in particular is designed to help you spot wider trends in your data, and then isolate where this might be coming from. By doing this, you’ll be able to create very tailored programmes and initiatives to help solve the specific problems and pain points of your organisation. 

4. Marry Quantitative & Qualitative Data

The tool does something else really helpful - it uses cutting-edge AI and sentiment analysis to isolate comments as they pertain to the key neuroscience themes. This means you’re able to take the quantitative data of which areas are performing well and which areas are struggling and match them to specific comments. This will allow you to use the comments to ascertain exactly what your people are thinking and feeling. And whether there are any quick fixes, suggestions or solutions which arise from the comments. 

We often find that when looking across different surveys trends arise. You may realise that certain benefits, programmes, or pieces of information aren’t clearly signposted or communicated. It may be that the same question comes up across various surveys. By being able to see across surveys you’ll be able to both identify and address these on-going issues or trends. 

5. Celebrate Your Successes

So far this article has focused a lot on areas of improvement. But our Cross-Theme Analysis tool also helps you do something else even more valuable. It highlights your strengths. By seeing which neuroscience areas you are doing well on, and being able to look at the comments which support these, you’ll be able to celebrate where your organisation's strengths are. You’ll also be able to apply any learnings to areas where you might not be performing as well. 

When you identify your strengths and successes, particularly if they’re areas where previously you have been weaker, you should shout about them. Celebrate with your team the successful programmes, initiatives and communications you have put into place. It’s also important to share with your organisation. This allows everyone to see all the great work you’re doing and progress you’re making. It helps the wider team to see that you’re acting on their feedback. And it helps highlight successful initiatives that they might want to take advantage of. 

And these few things are just the beginning. There are many other ways in which our customers are taking advantage of our Cross-Theme Analysis. If you want to find out more ways to make the most of our platform, get in touch with one of our experts.

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