The Employee Engagement & Happiness Platform

Enabling thriving cultures through neuroscience

From employee feedback to data-driven insight – our platform will help you understand how your people think, feel and behave. We use our neuroscience model to connect the entire employee experience with the key happiness and engagement drivers across your organisation

What makes
us special?

Want to know what separates us from our competitors?

Well, look no further! Below is what ensures we can help you get the best out of your people in a way that no other software can!

Moving from employee feedback to real-time data-driven insights, all in one place

  • Drive your people strategy with 10M+ global data points.
  • Measure the complete employee experience with our Neuroscience-based Pre-Built Surveys
  • Understand real-time data using neuroscience-based machine learning and sentiment analysis.
  • Share online reports with your teams in slides, spreadsheets and PDFs.

Measuring engagement AND happiness

  • Visualise both employee engagement and happiness scores. 
  • Our cross theme analysis will help you understand how your people think, feel and behave
  • We measure the key drivers of engagement and happiness in your culture.

Enabling thriving cultures through neuroscience

  • Use our neuroscience-backed methodology to power your employee experience.
  • Apply our 8 core neuroscience themes to understand the heart and brain of your organisation.
  • Create meaningful action plans using our theme analysis and artificial intelligence. 

Empowering managers to drive cultural change

  • We take you from employee feedback to insight to action.
  • Address employee feedback: Facilitate two-way anonymous conversations to safely close the feedback loop at scale
  • Knowledge Hub: Drive action planning through contextual learning via our Knowledge Hub
  • Maximise platform experience through training and dedicated customer support

Applying employee-centric design 

  • Empower your people to share their voice through continuous listening
  • Our Employee Voice 24/7 Survey will ensure your people can provide feedback how, when and where they want.

Providing an integrated, seamless user experience

  • Enjoy a greater self-service functionality while navigating the platform
  • Customise user access and permissions to present the right level of insight to the right person at the right time
  • Benefit from a simple, user-friendly workflow



Employee Voice 24/7 Pre-built survey


Insights and Reports Pre-built survey


Pre-built survey with heart and brain helper


Cultural assessment pre-built survey


Unprompted feedback is the most valuable

Poor company culture damages employee health & business growth

It’s difficult to understand  how employees think, feel & behave

Data is complex, difficult to analyse & interpret


Create a safe space to listen to how your people feel 24/7 

Measure your cultural health to discover your engagement, happiness & Wellbeing drivers

Understand the full employee experience from onboarding to exit

Empower managers to move from insight to action


In an ever-expanding ‘data world’ your data needs protecting. That’s why we use proactive anti-malware software from Cisco, an ISO 27001 hosting partner and run regular penetration tests.

“What about GDPR?” we hear you cry, well we have that covered too as we’re fully GDPR compliant.

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