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Ebook: Future-Proofing Your Organisation

Future-proofing your organisation, creating an employee engagement and happiness strategy ebook banner

Future-Proofing Your Organisation:

Creating an Employee Engagement AND Happiness Strategy

Welcome! Across 9 chapters we’ll outline how you can future-proof your organisation by creating an employee engagement and happiness strategy. From exploring why current methods are failing - to boosting response rates, we lead you through every step of the journey.


  1. Defining Employee Engagement & Happiness

  2. Where Current Methods of Measuring Employee Engagement Go Wrong

  3. How to Measure Employee Engagement & Happiness

  4. Measuring Happiness & Engagement in a Global Context

  5. How to Build an Employee-Centric Listening Programme

  6. Defining, Measuring & Improving Employee Experience

  7. How Often Can & Should We Survey Our People

  8. The Power of Pre-Built Surveys

  9. Understanding & Improving Response Rates