Ebook: Creating An Employee Engagement AND Happiness Strategy

Creating an employee engagement and happiness strategy - eBook cover

Future-Proofing Your Organisation:

Creating An Employee Engagement & Happiness Strategy

In today's rapidly changing business landscape it's more important than ever to prioritise employee wellbeing. As you're here we can assume you're already one of the proactive ones in wanting to future-proofing your organisation.

Across 9 chapters we’ll take you through how to build an effective employee engagement and happiness strategy. From exploring why current methods are failing - to boosting response rates, we lead you through every step of the journey.


  1. Defining Employee Engagement & Happiness

  2. Where Current Methods Of Measuring Employee Engagement Go Wrong

  3. How To Measure Employee Engagement & Happiness

  4. Measuring Happiness & Engagement In A Global Context

  5. How To Build An Employee-Centric Listening Programme

  6. Defining, Measuring & Improving Employee Experience

  7. How Often Can & Should We Survey Our People

  8. The Power Of Pre-Built Surveys

  9. Understanding & Improving Response Rates