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How to Build a Culture of Upskilling and Personal Growth

We team up with 360Learning to explore how we can build a culture of upskilling and personal growth. Watch the webinar!


Health & Happiness

The Happiness Index and Virgin Pulse are teaming up to explore the relationship between health and happiness


Joint Webinar with Inspirus: The Business Impacts of Employee Happiness and Engagement

Joined by Inspirus, we explore the modern employee experience and show how employee engagement and happiness directly impact a thriving work culture


Building a Menopause Friendly Culture

A discussion about what effects the menopause can have on people and how workplaces can be mindful and supportive of this


Breakfast Club | Happiness & Humans Community Brekkie | October 2022

Join us for breakfast, where we discuss all the latest workplace and HR happenings, with a group of likeminded professionals


Neurodiversity: Creating an Autism Friendly Workplace

The first of our Neurodiversity in the Workplace series, we delve into how we can create an environment where autistic colleagues can thrive.


12 Million Lessons in Happiness: A Chat with Matt

An insight into the workings of our own Matt Phelan's TEDxBrighton talk '12 Million Lessons in Happiness'


Reverse Mentoring: The Ultimate Tool For Growth

A discussion about what reverse mentoring is and the benefits it can have for your organisation and culture.


How to Banish Burnout Cultures

A discussion to identify what burnout is, how to spot the signs and how employers can be helping reduce the possibility of burnout for their employees.


Disability Pride: Making Happiness Accessible

How can organisations ensure that their disabled employees are able to access the key drivers of happiness and engagement?


Managing Change Using Neuroscience

An exploration into how neuroscience can help us understand how humans process and react to change in order to better manage a change process.


Creating Safe Spaces: Outside The Gender Binary

A discussion about how we can make a safer and more inclusive workplace for our trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming (GNC) colleagues.