Webinar: Planning a Culture Change Journey - Lessons From The Front Line

Embarking on a culture change journey is one of the biggest challenges facing any HR professional, fraught with pitfalls and opportunities in equal measure. Join Kashi Chellen as she speaks to Hayley Macleod, Chief of Operations and People Officer at Box UK, Pip Gwynn, Managing Director at Insight HRC and Paul Chudleigh, Principal Practitioner of Business Psychology, about how to set your organisation up for success. They’ll examine: 

  • How to use neuroscience to get leadership buy-in to pursue a culture change journey 

  • How to prepare and equip your leaders for what they will hear and feel when listening to the thoughts and emotions of employees 

  • How to create a practical action plan from employee feedback data 

  • Top tips for triggering real and lasting positive cultural transformation in organisations

If culture change is a new phenomenon we suggest starting with the importance of organisational culture before watching this webinar - follow the link to get a good grounding of all things culture.