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We love to really get stuck into the science of happiness. So much so that we've literally written the book on it.

Our books are designed to give you all the data, science and evidence you need to truly understand your people’s happiness AND engagement. We have published in-depth explorations about the science behind happiness, global engagement trends and people data. We're confident there'll be something to pique your interest.

Global Happiness - What Makes People Happy?

Today’s workplaces are in a continual state of change. Whether it’s the office, the factory floor, or high-street store, the nature of work is adapting and organisations have to deal with the challenges this creates.

Boosting ENPS: Create Loyal Business Advocates

What makes people more satisfied at work? Why do some organisations inspire more loyalty than others? How can organisations turn their people into brand advocates? This study aims to uncover the main factors that help businesses create employee advocates

The Quantum Way

What does it mean to be human? The Quantum Way examines this question by drawing on two scientific sources: neuroscience and quantum theory. Discover how both are relevant in our everyday and working lives.

Freedom To Be Happy

Employee engagement needs an upgrade and this book helps move our understanding forward using data, neuroscience and the latest workplace evidence. Matt introduces happiness philosophers, reviews the evidence and interviews practitioners on the front line.

The Neuro Edge

Translating the world of neuroscience into everyday relevance for those engaged in leading, developing and supporting people in organisations. Clive offers a fresh understanding of our thoughts, feelings and instincts.

Future Proof Your Organisation: The Power of Data

For many HR teams, data analysis doesn't come easily. Our no-nonsense guide takes you from data collection to visualisation and shows you how our platform can help you make the most of your feedback surveys.

Advancing Racial Equity - Interactive Data Report

Welcome to the Advancing Racial Equity Data Report, following the Advancing Racial Equity Conference, hosted by Shereen Daniels. What you’re about to see (and hear), is the commentary from our experts, followed by the data they are commenting on.

Why Us? Getting Boardroom Buy-In

So you’re convinced you need an employee engagement and happiness measurement platform? Excellent! Often we find the biggest barrier is getting buy-in from your organisation. This guide will help you create a business case for The Happiness Index.

Future-Proofing Your Organisation

In this short eBook we outline how you can future-proof your organisation by creating an employee engagement and happiness strategy. From exploring why current methods are failing to boosting response rates, we lead you through every step of the journey.

12 Million Lessons In Happiness - TEDx Brighton Talk

In the true art of storytelling, Matt decided to turn his TEDxBrighton talk into a Manga comic to share with the world. Happier employees are more productive, more creative, sell more and create better financial outcomes for their organisations.