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We love to really get stuck into the science of happiness. So much so that we've literally written the book on it.

Our books are designed to give you all the data, science and evidence you need to truly understand your people’s happiness AND engagement. We have published in-depth explorations about the science behind happiness, global engagement trends and people data. We're confident there'll be something to pique your interest.

The Happiness Index: Why Today’s Employee Emotions Equal Tomorrow’s Business Success

TEDx speaker and Co-Founder of The Happiness Index Matt Phelan unveils his new book 'The Happiness Index': A ground-breaking overview of how emotions impact business performance

Employee Happiness And AI

How can you create a company culture that embraces humans AND moves forward with the latest technology? Discover our tips for creating an AI-ready culture!

Making The Most of Employee Onboarding

We’re living in a difficult time when it comes to recruitment, so getting employee onboarding right is vital. Read our tips to make the most of onboarding!

Culture Playbook: How to Build a Thriving Workplace Culture

From your day-to-day culture to building a global culture, our eBook includes everything you need to know about creating and maintaining workplace cultures.

Understanding & Supporting Neurodiversity in The Workplace

In this eBook, we look at some of the most commonly used terms around neurodiversity, as well as conditions, diagnoses and syndromes you may come across in the workplace.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Creating Balance & Belonging

If you're just getting started with DE&I, it can feel overwhelming! But our latest eBook is here to help. We've compiled everything you need to know about getting started with DE&I in the workplace.

The ABCs of LGBTQ+ Definitions

There are many terms used by the LGBTQ+ community that you need to understand as an HR professional. Discover some common ABCs of LGBTQ+ that you may use in the workplace.

How to Succeed With Employee Voice

Discover the how and why of always-on listening in our latest eBook. Plus we'll be covering some FAQs to help you improve your strategy.

The Neuroscience Underpinning The Happiness Index's Methodology & Platform

Discover the neuroscience research behind our methodology and platform to understand how we measure how your people are thinking, feeling and behaving.

12 Million Lessons In Employee Happiness: TEDx Brighton Talk

In the true art of storytelling, Matt decided to turn his TEDxBrighton talk into a Manga comic to share with the world. Check out our platform data and the conclusions we've drawn from it.

Advancing Racial Equity: Interactive Data Report

Welcome to the Advancing Racial Equity Data Report, following the Advancing Racial Equity Conference, hosted by Shereen Daniels. What you’re about to see (and hear), is the commentary from our experts, followed by the data they are commenting on.

Global Happiness: Understanding What Makes People Happy

Whether in the office, the factory floor, or high-street store, the nature of work is adapting and organisations have to deal with the challenges this creates. But what makes employees happy?