Webinar: Creating Energetic Connections in a Hybrid Culture

In organisations, a key driver of employee happiness is our relationships with our colleagues, line managers and teams. Central to creating these relationships are energetic connections. With the widespread adoption of hybrid working and globalised teams, creating and maintaining these energetic connections has become a key pillar in any culture strategy. 

Join Tony Latter as he speaks to Clive Hyland, Head of Neuroscience at The Happiness Index and Emily Bignell, Head of People at Ideal about:  

  • What energetic connections are and why they are important to relationships and employee happiness.  

  • Whether energetic connections can be created remotely and whether it is harder to form them.

  • Where the best opportunities lie for organisations to create energetic connections. 

  • How organisations can gauge the strength and positivity of the relationships in their teams. 

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