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Webinar: The Lewes FC Story: Creating Equity & Inclusion With Culture

The Lewes FC story: Creating equity and inclusion through culture change - Webinar banner

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In 2017, Lewes FC became the first football club in the world to introduce pay parity in both their women’s and men’s teams. Join us to learn about their pioneering programme of culture change, which brings equity and inclusion into a traditionally male dominated world.

Matt Phelan speaks to Karen Dobres, Director of Lewes FC about:

  • Why the club started on their culture change journey

  • How they got buy-in from the board and owners

  • How they implemented their wide-ranging culture change programme

  • What obstacles had to be overcome and what mistakes were made

  • What the results of their culture change programme have been for their people, business, community and the wider world of sport.

How Long Does it Last? 

The session will last 50 minutes