Webinar: Is Culture a Scaling Superpower?

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Is your company going through a stage of rapid growth? Is your culture something you're proud of? Are you hoping to make culture the secret ingredient in helping your organisation grow?

Our panel of experts have been in the exact same situation. Periods of change and growth can put a particular strain on your business and on the social & business culture of an organisation. Join us for a discussion around these challenges and how to overcome them.

Matt Phelan is joined by:

To discuss:

  • How important do you think culture is to the success of growing a business?

  • As a scale up, when is the right time to start thinking about culture?

  • Are there particular points in a growth journey when sustaining a thriving culture becomes more difficult in your experience?

  • Should you hire for "culture fit" or does this lead to a mono-culture?

  • How can you listen to your people and involve them in creating and maintaining your culture?

  • Do you have KPIs when it comes to your culture? What are they?

How Long Does it Last? 

The session will last 45 minutes.

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