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Welcome to July's awareness day calendar! If you want to view the full calendar, and digest/plan content at your leisure - please click the button and download now!
A sign with a wine bottle and wine glass crossed out
Alcohol Awareness Week

A campaign coordinated by Alcohol Change UK (creators of Dry January) to raise awareness of the impact of alcohol on our health and wellbeing. Taking place in the summer this year, it's the perfect time to rethink your company events.

Jul 3-9
An open Qu'ran
Islamic: Islamic New Year

This day marks the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. As rituals and prayers mark the occasion, Muharram is known as the month of remembrance. It is sacred to Muslims across the world.

Jul 18-19
A stone wall
Jewish: Tish'a B’Av

Tish'a B'av is an annual fast day in Judaism. Named for the ninth day (Tisha) of the month of Av in the Hebrew calendar. The fast commemorates the destruction of both the First and Second Temple in Jerusalem.

Jul 26-27
A group of people praying
Islamic: Ashura

Ashura is a holy day commemorated on the 10th of Muharram (1st month on the Islamic calendar). For Shi'a, this marks the martyrdom of the Prophet's grandson and is a day of remembrance. For Sunnis, this is the day that Allah parted the Red Sea.

Jul 27
Two people laughing at a laptop screen
International Friendship Day

This day is a time to be thankful for our friendships - it promotes and encourages happiness and unity. Organisations are encouraged to hold events to bring people together with a focus on reconciliation and friendship.

Jul 30