The Benefits of AI in HR: Our Experts Weigh In

What are the benefits of AI in HR? And what are the challenges? Our experts weigh in to give you the insight you need to succeed with AI at work.

Employee Retention Strategies That Work!

Our deep dive into employee retention includes everything you need: what it is, why it's important and employee retention strategies that actually work!

Ideas to Improve Workplace Culture

By improving your organisation's culture you can increase workplace happiness, boost staff retention and improve recruitment. Read on to find out how.

6 Ways Employee Resource Groups Create Inclusive Cultures & Ignite Happiness

With a sprinkle of neuroscience-based happiness and engagement, we look at ERGs' ability to create vibrant workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Employee Happiness: What You Need To Know

Many organisations are starting to include employee happiness in their people strategy! We answer common questions about happiness in the workplace.

8 Top Tips For People (& Organisations) Starting Their Employee Engagement & Culture Journey

Are you new to the employee engagement or organisational culture space? Read our top tips to help you or your organisation get started on your journey.

7 Workplace Trends Impacting Your Company Culture in 2023

As the UK teeters on the edge of recession we’re facing many workplace challenges. We dive into 7 key trends impacting the HR community in 2023.

What Actions Should We Take From Our Onboarding Surveys?

As with all surveys it’s important to have real intent and appropriate resources to act on the findings. Here are some things you should be looking at.

4 Benefits of Surveying People During Employee Onboarding

Checking in with employees is always a good thing to do, but especially during onboarding. Read 4 benefits of surveying through the onboarding process.

How To Measure Your Employee Onboarding Programme

Measuring your employee onboarding process is vital to understand what works and what doesn't. Find out what we consider important in that process.

What Are The Benefits of Getting Employee Onboarding Right?

Onboarding new talent can be a long and tricky process. It can also be expensive. Read on for our list of benefits to getting onboarding right.

What is Employee Onboarding?

We all know employee onboarding is important but what exactly is meant by employee onboarding and what does great onboarding look like? Read on to find out.


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