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Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Get Started on Action Planning

Do you know how to get the most out of your action planning? This blog post will help you with the questions you should ask to supercharge your strategy.

Flexible Working Guide – What Should You be Doing?

Guest blogger Jess talks about how to set up your flexible working policy so it works hard for your people and for your organisation. Find out more!

10 Ways to Power up Your Feedback Programme

Feedback programmes are like life, what you put in is what you get out. Find out how to maximise your employee listening with ten useful tips from Pat.

Defining, Measuring & Improving Employee Experience

What is employee experience? And when and how should you be measuring it? Find out this and more on our latest blog.

The Great Resignation - Attracting & Retaining Talented Employees

The media is all a buzz about the great resignation. Discover how to boost retention and create a bigger talent pool when recruiting.

The Challenges of Modern Leadership: What Does the Future Hold?

Our leaders discuss how other business leaders can respond to the changes that are happening in the world of work, specifically Covid and remote working.

How to Make Workplace Culture Your Scaling Superpower

Are you hoping to make culture the secret ingredient in helping your organisation grow? Find out our top tips and practical suggestions.

How to Prepare For The Future of Work

Prepare your people for the future of work, learn the key areas that will affect culture and discover our strategies to help you create a thriving culture.

Becoming B Corp Certified - What & Why?

We're just starting our journey in becoming B Corp certified. Follow our journey to becoming a B Corp business that puts people above profit.

Culture Shock - Rebuilding Toxic Work Cultures

Discover what makes a toxic culture and learn how you can rebuild it and turn it into a thriving company culture. Read on.

How The Heart & Head Impact Culture

Discover how your heart and your head impacts happiness, employee engagement and overall company culture. Underpinned by neuroscience and feedback data.

A Brief History of Happiness

What is Happiness? The history of happiness, what it means and where it came from. Discover how ancient philosophers shaped modern happiness thought.

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