How To Measure Your Employee Onboarding Programme

Measuring your employee onboarding process is vital to understand what works and what doesn't, in order to make change and build on what you have. Find out what we consider important in that process...

Employee onboarding measurement

There are two important ways in which you should measure and understand your employee onboarding programme. 

1. Onboarding Specific Surveys

What is it?

Dedicated surveys which ask specific questions relating to the employee onboarding process. These ensure that you’re able to action feedback more thoroughly. They should also be standardised so that trends can be tracked over time. 

The best onboarding surveys should include both qualitative and quantitative feedback. This means numbers so you can measure differences over time and between teams or departments. Plus, longer form feedback to give context and specific recommendations.

Why is it important?

  • Understanding the needs of the people you are onboarding will help you tailor your offering to your organisation’s needs.  

  • Gathering onboarding-oriented feedback in one place will help you break down data silos. 

  • Build feedback into your people’s lives from day one. 

2. Ongoing Generic Feedback

What is it?

Whether you choose to have always-on listening available to your team, or surveys that go out at specific times, it’s important to have anonymous, ongoing feedback from your team. This feedback should be more generic and wide-ranging. 

It should allow you to gain a greater understanding of everyone’s views on your current culture and working environment including new starters.

Why is it important?

  • Anonymous feedback can be more candid and will help you ensure accuracy. 

  • Building trust in the initial onboarding process is important and guaranteeing anonymity will help support this. 

  • Help your team to understand that their feedback is listened to and acted on from the get-go. 

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