How To Measure Your Employee Onboarding Programme

Measuring your employee onboarding process is vital to understand what works and what doesn't. Find out what we consider important in that process.

The Neuroscience of Employee Onboarding

At The Happiness Index we have a unique neuroscientific methodology linking back to key neuroscience themes. Read on for the neuroscience behind onboarding.

What Are The Benefits of Getting Employee Onboarding Right?

Onboarding new talent can be a long and tricky process. It can also be expensive. Read on for our list of benefits to getting onboarding right.

What is Employee Onboarding?

We all know employee onboarding is important but what exactly is meant by employee onboarding and what does great onboarding look like? Read on to find out.

All about the 'S' in ESG

ESG strategies flourish on corporate agendas now. Once the spotlight shone on the environment, now we’re focused on social impact. Read on to find out more.

Brew Monday or Blue Monday? Debunking The Myths

Brew Monday or Blue Monday? We debunk the myths about the 3rd Monday in January. Read on to find out where it all came from and what it’s about.

A Blog Post on Employee Happiness by chatGPT

We asked chatGPT to write a blog post on employee happiness to see what it came up with. The piece wasn't bad! Check it out!

How to be a Boss at Relationship Conversations: 5 Top Tips

The last workplace taboo? Not anymore! We've teamed up with OnePlusOne to take a dive into how relationship stress can impact your employees performance

Organisational Commitment

We associate commitment with employee engagement, more specifically meaning and purpose. John Fitzgerald shares his thoughts on commitment in the workplace.

Self-Determination Theory to Improve Workplace Motivation

Self-determination theory refers to human motivation and its key drivers. Read our strategies to help you improve staff motivation and performance.

HR Priorities For 2023

2022 saw more changes than we probably ever thought possible. So what do we think the coming year has in store for HR professionals and leadership teams?

Does Money Make You Happy?

Discover whether money can really make you happier. Read on to find out what the variables are and whether winning the lottery will fulfil your dreams.


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