Flexibility is For Life - Not Just The World Cup

Many organisations have said they’re increasing workplace flexibility so people can catch matches during the day. But what are the benefits of flexibility?

The Importance of Leadership in Uncertain Times

Great leadership is extra important at times of change. In this blog post look at how HR and Leadership teams can be supportive in uncertain times.

The Importance of Organisational Culture

A thriving company culture will positively impact retention, recruitment and employee engagement. Discover how to help your business and your people thrive.

Employee Engagement: 5 Ways to Improve Engagement in Your Workplace

Employee engagement is something we care a lot about. Read on to find out what employee engagement is, why it’s important, how to measure it and more…

Can You Have a Global Workplace Culture?

Many organisations are expanding globally. Can you create a global workplace culture? Should you be trying? We answer these questions and more.

Challenges (Personal Growth)

Employee engagement can be linked with workplace challenges, but it's not that simple. Find out how and why this fits in our personal development theme.

Moving from Organisational Cultural Fit to Cultural Growth

What are the differences between cultural fit and cultural growth? And what are the benefits of each? We answer these questions and more on the blog!

Where Does Culture Live?

Where does culture live? Can you build a successful culture in a remote or hybrid environment? We’re diving into the answers to these questions on the blog.

6 Steps to Creating a Culture of Listening

Create a listening culture in your organisation with the help of our top tips. Read on to find out about our 6 step programme.

Why do Workplace Values Matter?

At The Happiness Index we think values are super important. Find out what they are and why we keep banging on about them on our blog.

Career Progression (Personal Growth)

Employee engagement is linked to career progression but it's not as straightforward as we think. Find out where this fits in our personal development theme.

How Is Organisational Culture Created?

Think culture happens organically? At The Happiness Index we believe that the best organisational cultures are created mindfully. Let's find out how...


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