Find out how our happy customers use and tailor The Happiness Index to suit their personal needs.

We take a ‘human-first’ approach to help us understand how important it is to listen to people in real-time. We’re all different! Therefore, we fully appreciate that not everyone wants to provide feedback in the same way.

Our philosophy is Freedom to be human – so no matter how daunting the task may seem, every single one of your people has the right to have their voice heard. Everyone should be happy and healthy at work. We make sure language and distance aren’t barriers…

Finlays Tea case study logo

Personalised internal comms strategy

Finlays wanted a personalised internal comms strategy and a suite of fully branded collateral to educate, inform and excite their staff. This was to ensure their staff fully understood the programme and they boasted high response and engagement rates.

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Karndea case study logo

Measuring customer experience

Karndean wanted to measure the full customer experience across several customer groups. They wanted to ensure a high quality of customer experience, satisfaction with the quality & design of flooring and fantastic overall experience of working with them.

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Extension of your brand

Lovehoney wanted us to help improve their staff engagement by ensuring our technology became synonymous with their internal brand and fitted in with other initiatives. They required customisable employee engagement surveys that matched their branding and felt like an extension of them.

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App integration

Sapphire wanted our technology to fully integrate with their app to allow their event delegates to provide real-time feedback through their tool. It was important to them that they could analyse, track and measure feedback in one place.

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Employee Engagement

Norwood wanted to create a unified culture where everyone is happy and engaged. They wanted to improve staff absences and retention. They needed us to provide tangible data on staff sentiment, locate problem areas and report on progress.

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