Sofology: Extends Employee Engagement & Happiness Platform Contract

We are delighted to share that much loved UK retailer, Sofology, has agreed to continue working with The Happiness Index as their employee engagement and happiness platform for a 5th year, stating that they "feel at home" with the Happiness Index.

Sofology is a leading furniture retailer transitioning to an omnichannel business, with over 40 stores and 6 distribution centres across the UK. Sofology’s mission is to leave customers feeling at home on a sofa they love.

On the face of it, we could not be more different as companies. They sell sofas, we give people a voice, however, the truth is we are much more similar than you would think. We both believe in listening to your heart and the way things ‘make you feel’. We both believe in happiness, we believe in it measuring employee happiness, where Sofology believes in finding happiness through the comfort of a sofa. Let’s be honest, is there a better feeling than watching a great movie on your home sofa!

But where the biggest similarities appear is in our shared belief in doing things the right way. We are currently going through the process to become a B Corp, which for us is to show genuine accountability that we are doing things the right way whilst balancing people, planet & profit. 

Sofology is also a big believer in the importance of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), and has a fantastic leader in Sally Hopson, who’s been awarded an MBE for her work in The Women and Work Commission, and is an advocate for equal pay, diversity and equality in the workplace. Sofology states “We are making it our business to make a difference”, and I believe the below initiative is a perfect example of walking the walk, it’s called The Sofa Cycle. 

To understand more about this great initiative, I recently visited one of Sofology’s newest stores near where I grew up in Brighton, England. I wanted to see first hand how the store operated but also how their staff made me feel, plus get some cheesy photos I could share!

The new Brighton store boasts 70 room sets for customers to explore, a team of on-site experts and a dog-friendly policy. It will be powered by 100% renewable electricity and will be equipped with digital retail technology to reduce unnecessary waste and lessen the store’s impact on the environment. Customers will also be able to use the retailer’s sofa rescue initiative, a sustainable collection service for recycling old sofas, saving them from landfill. The new store will be working in partnership with Teens Unite, a charity supporting young people fighting cancer.

- Sofology

They had us at “dog friendly”!

We are very proud that Sofology is continuing its journey with The Happiness Index and using our employee engagement and happiness platform to understand how their people think, feel and behave. We aim to continually improve our platform and service to help them deliver on their strategy of building a sustainable thriving culture.







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