Nelsons: Enabling Teams to Achieve Success

Read on to find out how we helped Nelson's achieve the following amazing results:

- Consistent average scores of 7/10 or above in employee feedback surveys

- Frequent scores as high as 8/10

- A proactive people strategy that works hard for their team

The Challenge

At Nelsons, a Midlands based solicitors, they’re finding they have an increasing diversity of opinions amongst their people. With a wide range of age, experience and backgrounds, Nelsons’ people have responded to the challenges of the last few years differently. As in many organisations, the pandemic has created a fundamental shift in how Nelsons works. But further to this, Lindsey Harrison-Grimes, Partner and Director of People & Culture at Nelsons, says that they’re finding that her people are expecting more and more from Nelsons as an employer, and wanting them to meet their individual needs more specifically. This increased requirement to meet individual needs proved a big challenge for the people team at Nelsons. They also need to balance individual needs against the needs of the business. 

“More and more employees are expecting more from us as an employer and wanting us to meet their very individual needs and requirements.” - Lindsey Harrison-Grimes, Partner and Director of People & Culture


The Solution

We have been working with Nelsons to help them collect employee feedback for several years. For Nelsons, collecting the feedback they need to build a strong culture of high-performance teams is key to keeping their teams happy and engaged.  It also helps them with retaining their best-performing employees. This is where we come in. Thanks to our always-on listening and anonymity features, people at Nelsons feel able to give their unvarnished feedback to Lindsey and her team. Although it’s easy to focus on the negatives, which can be constructive, Lindsey finds that ultimately, their scores are excellent. This helps her team to celebrate successes and build on the things they’re doing well!

“The Happiness Index provides us with that vital tool for communication with employees. It allows them to let us know how they feel, and they can articulate what’s important to them, very often in an unfiltered way. With the anonymity THI provides, people do express themselves and their opinions fully.” 


The Results

The results for Nelsons have been nothing short of incredible! Thanks to the keen insight and ongoing feedback Lindsey and her team have received, Nelsons can be proactive in their approach to their people strategy. This means they’ve been able to implement programmes and strategies that have ensured amazingly consistent and positive results. While they understand that happiness and engagement fluctuate, Lindsey is justifiably proud of Nelsons scores which are consistently above a 7 (out of 10) and often meet the team’s high expectations of an 8. 

“I think all workplaces need this kind of mechanism in place. I love the fact we have The Happiness Index in place, it’s part of our culture here.”


The Impact

Lindsey explains that the biggest impact of using our platform is that they’re able to hyper-target interventions. The advanced filter options available to them have helped ensure they’re reaching teams and departments which need extra support quickly and efficiently. They have also seen the impact of having a survey tool specifically to have regular touchpoints with and feedback from their team during the pushes and pulls of the pandemic. 

“Working with The Happiness Index has taught us to be open-minded and listen to our people with positive intent. The feedback has helped us be more inclusive, as we’re able to take other people’s views and needs and desires into consideration.” 


Introducing Lindsey:

Lindsey is a super experienced HR professional, who has been using her deep well of expertise to shape the world of HR at Nelsons for over 15 years. She also supports the Nottinghamshire Deaf Society in her role as their director and a member of their board of trustees. Happiness for Lindsey is spending time with her family, whether it’s laughing with her sisters, eating cake with her mum, or hanging out with her husband and young son, Henry. 

Introducing Nelsons:

Nelsons is a leading law firm with offices in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham. They provide support and advice to businesses, individuals and families with their legal and investment needs. 







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