The HALO Trust: Launch New Employee Listening Strategy

The HALO Trust is launching a new employee engagement and happiness programme, in conjunction with The Happiness Index, for their global workforce.

HALO is the world's largest humanitarian landmine clearance organisation working in 28 countries and territories across the world. As well as clearing landmines and other unexploded hazards in war zones, HALO educates local people to keep them safe and develops projects to build resilient communities in places affected by conflict.

Since they were founded over 30 years ago, HALO has grown to employ almost 13,000 staff around the world, the vast majority from conflict-affected communities who are trained to make their own land safe. Local staff make up 98% of their total workforce. 

Lisa Davidson, Global HR Director of The HALO Trust said: “The urgent need for our work is more apparent than ever. Protracted conflicts in Yemen, Libya, Syria and Somalia continue to destroy lives. In Ukraine, the war has caused devastation to thousands of families, left behind a lethal tide of landmines and explosives, and had repercussions around the world. Against this backdrop our new partnership with The Happiness Index will help us to create a global listening programme that will allow HALO’s colleagues to share how they think and feel.” 

HALO will introduce a ‘human’ led listening approach by implementing The Happiness Index’s digital platform. The platform uses neuroscience-backed surveys to create actionable insights that will drive a stronger people strategy in each of HALO’s global locations. 

Lisa continues: “It’s vital for us that we are an employer of choice and create an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion. By working with The Happiness Index, we’ll ensure that our colleagues are really listened to and are at the heart of driving forward our organisation”. 

About The HALO Trust 

The HALO Trust is a world-leading humanitarian organisation devoted to helping people affected by conflict. We save lives and restore livelihoods for people devastated by years of armed violence. We not only clear explosive debris and help control weapons, but also enable people to build resilient communities that can withstand the combined threats of conflict, climate change and environmental degradation.







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