Ideal: Launches New Employee Engagement & Happiness Programme

Ideal, an industry leader in technological foundations for smarter buildings, is launching a new employee engagement and happiness programme from The Happiness Index.

Based in Brighton, Ideal design, build, deliver and manage Converged Network Systems for the UK’s smartest buildings. This includes iconic developments such as 22 Bishopsgate and Battersea Power Station.

Emily Bignell, Head of People & Culture, Ideal commented: “We’d already worked with Clive Hyland, Head of Neuroscience at The Happiness Index, to help us develop a quantum organisation model. The next step was to replace our previous employee engagement tool with The Happiness Index. This will enable us to better listen to our people and embed the model’s neuroscience principles into how we measure happiness and engagement. Through investment in our people, training, and leadership, we have created an organisation where every person is part of a community and contributes to our overall success. By working with The Happiness Index platform, we are adopting a ‘human’ led listening approach that aligns with our focus of delivering an outstanding employee experience.”

A quantum organisation is a model that seeks to strengthen the traditional definition of business structure and operating model. Ideal adopted the quantum model to break down silos and release the creativity and energy of their hyper collaborative teams. Each Ideal team has an advocate, who leads in aligning with other Ideal teams, working collaboratively to enable ideas, information and innovation to flow freely.

The Happiness Index platform includes 20+ pre-built neuroscience-backed surveys that create actionable insights to drive a stronger people strategy. Ideal will begin their journey by undertaking a Cultural Assessment survey to understand the primary happiness and engagement drivers in their business.







Favourable result platform screenshots