GAMA Healthcare: Using Culture to Deliver Growth

GAMA Healthcare worked with The Happiness Index to implement a global listening and culture programme that would form the bedrock of their future growth and enable them to hit transformational targets.

The Challenge

GAMA Healthcare credits their culture and values with a critical role in their current success. But, they have plans to double their global headcount over the next 2 years, so there was a concern that some of this magic might get diluted or lost. Add into the mix the fact that the team is spread across the UK, China and Australia, and you can start to get an idea of the challenge GAMA Healthcare was facing. 

The Solution

The answer came in the form of a global listening and culture programme that would form the bedrock of their future growth and enable them to hit transformational targets.  And so, GAMA created the “Inspire” initiative. 

What is “Inspire” you may ask? Well, it’s a wide ranging culture programme led by the Leadership team but involving everyone across the business.

GAMA worked with The Happiness Index to implement their employee engagement and happiness platform to measure the success of their programme and provide insights on how to continue to develop their culture strategy. The plan included:

  • Defining and communicating GAMA’s purpose, values and strategy. Colleagues from across the organisation were involved in this project so that they felt they were able to live their values every day. 

  • Ensuring every team member was involved through a launch event and sending an individual “values box” to their home.

  • A programme of wellbeing activities encouraging employees to engage with each other in fun and innovative ways.

GAMA Measured The Success of Inspire Using:

  • Wellbeing surveys to measure staff the impact of the pandemic and beyond

  • Our Cultural Assessment to regularly assess the levels of happiness and engagement of employees across the 8 key drivers making up a thriving culture. This was rolled out in all 3 continents, in both Mandarin and English. 

  • A Values Index to assess the extent to which their values are embedded within the business.

In 2019 we launched an initiative which ran to mid-2021 to address the business challenge of hitting transformational growth targets. It focused on scrutinising GAMA Healthcare’s purpose, values and strategic pillars and clarifying our people’s contribution, development, and reward.

- Guy Braverman | Joint CEO & Co-Founder

The Results

The programme has delivered amazing results. Inspire gave GAMA a compass to ensure they don’t stray from the essence of their purpose, values or culture. GAMA was able to show that: 

  • Employees perceive a strong link between GAMA’s values and the success of the business and that those values are embedded across the business.

  • Employees think the values contribute to making GAMA a more enjoyable and engaging place to work.

  • The 2 key measures of employee engagement scored 7.9 out of 10, and happiness scored 8 out of 10 (June 2021). 

In addition GAMA Healthcare won “Best Medium Sized Organisation for Business Culture” in the Business Culture Awards 2021!

The Impact

Inspire had wide reaching impacts around the business. GAMA were able to achieve financial growth – a 132% growth in turnover in the 2020-2021 financial year. Plus there was also an effect on recruitment. During the programme, GAMA onboarded 100 new starters (an increase of 35%) to support continued growth.

To continue to measure the success of the programme, we are working with GAMA to continue developing their programme through the implementation of a continuous listening programme using our Employee Voice solution. This will provide instant insight on what’s working well and where improvements can be made.

We sought to reaffirm GAMA Healthcare’s business culture, sowing the seeds for GAMA’s next stage of growth. We recognised the power and value in creating fertile ground for our culture and values to be championed by our staff. The Inspire programme yielded a confident, productive yet supportive culture whose people are aligned to our purpose and values. As a result, we’ve reaped the benefit of exceptional growth across three continents.

- Benjamin Mason | HR Development Business Partner







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