Webinar: Building a Menopause Friendly Workplace Culture

Building a menopause friendly workplace culture - Webinar banner

In honour of World Menopause Day we try to understand how the menopause impacts the workplace and how you can build a menopause friendly culture. Matt Phelan is joined by Theresa Winters, Senior HR Manager Employee Experience Proposition at Santander UK, Rachel Akili, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Manchester Airport Group and Lauren Chiren, CEO & Founder at Women of a Certain Stage to discuss:

  • What the menopause is and how many people at work are impacted 

  • The impact of menopause on individuals, businesses and the wider economy 

  • Why menopause is still a taboo subject in many cultures and how it can be normalised 

  • How organisations can really listen to and understand how their people feel about their experience of menopause in their workplace 

  • How to introduce and structure support around menopause to build an inclusive culture  

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