Webinar: Authentic Leadership: How a Team Becomes a Home

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According to findings from a 2021 report by McKinsey, fostering psychological safety at scale begins with the most senior leaders embodying the behaviours they want to see across the organisation. And the perfect example of that is Football!

We sat down with Rhian Cleverly, Captain and Player Liaison & Lifestyle Officer at Lewes FC Women's. In this webinar we took a dive into how authentic leadership presents itself in her role as Captain, and how Lewes FC have created an environment of psychological safety where players from all over the world and all walks of life can come together and find a home.

Key Discussion points:

  • What authentic leadership looks like

  • How leaders can create an environment of psychological safety by exhibiting authentic leadership

  • How can you exhibit authentic leadership in an environment where everything down to body language is scrutinised?

  • How can you offer your teammates psychological safety in times of uncertainty?

  • How do you balance what's right for the individual and what's right for the team in your role as captain?

  • Has being known as Equality FC helped to attract and or retain talent?

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