Dealing With Burnout & Improving Employee Wellbeing: A Personal Account

A personal account of burnout, stress and promoting employee wellbeing by a Global Empowerment Coach, HR expert and Author - Kelly Swingler.

How to Create a Happy Workplace: 9 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement

Happy employees are productive. By following these steps you can increase employee engagement, satisfaction and workplace happiness.

The Employee Engagement See-Saw

Like a see-saw, if the equilibrium between gathering enough data and using it effectively isn’t right, neither party will achieve anything. Find out more.

Animals in The Workplace: Pros & (a Few) Cons

Do pets in the workplace help reduce stress, boost productivity and improve employee engagement or are they an HR nightmare? Read on.

Employee Value Proposition - How to Demonstrate You Value Your People

When your workforce feels valued they are more likely to go the extra mile for you. Read our tips to help demonstrate how much you value your people.

The Importance of Stakeholder Engagement Plus 5 Tips For Improving It

Stakeholder engagement is essential if you want to benefit from everyone's knowledge, commitment and if you want full buy-in. Read on for some useful tips.

How to manage & reduce workplace absenteeism: 5 useful tips

Employee absenteeism costs organisations millions every year. Read our tips to combat absenteeism and create a productive, healthy and happy workforce.

Personality & Leadership: Approaches To Leadership

A leader's character and personality goes a long way in how they are perceived. Read about the different personality types and approaches to leadership.

How To Improve Wellbeing In The Workplace: 10 Useful Tips

Healthy, happy employees undoubtedly perform better. Read about the importance of workplace wellness and how you can improve your employees' wellbeing.

7 Ideas to Improve Your Office Environment & Boost Employee Engagement

A revamped office can help to attract and retain staff as well as improve efficiency through productivity. Read on for our tips on improving your office.

Asking For Feedback is One Thing But Handling it Well is Another...

Feedback can be beneficial or harmful to your business, depending on your management process. Read our useful tips on how to handle feedback effectively.

How to Improve Employee Performance: 8 Proactive Tips

Workplace productivity is rapidly becoming a problem for UK businesses. Read our 8 tips to help you create a high-performing, productive workforce.


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