Racial Inequality in the Workplace – My 6 Key Learnings

Six key learnings about racial inequality in the workplace from our virtual roundtable event. Read how to keep improving the workplace for your employees.

Race, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion – 7 Key Learnings

The global response of the Black Lives Matter movement have highlighted just how far we are from an equal & inclusive society. Read our seven key learnings.

Measuring Workplace Happiness in India

The Happiness Index announces launch of partnership with House of Cheer to measure workplace happiness in India.

Change Management: Motivating Your People Through Change

Change is inevitable. It is important to be in a position to keep your team motivated and happy throughout. Read our tips to help you achieve this.

Wow Your Willpower – Benefits For You, Your People & Your Business

Discover the importance of willpower and how businesses can implement strategies to create more willpower and improve productivity and performance.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion - An Adventurer’s Perspective

In today's working world more businesses are investing in diversity, equality & inclusion. Discover how gaming can inspire a better & more diverse culture.

NPS Meaning (In A Nutshell)

You've probably come across NPS in some shape or form. But what exactly are they, how can we benchmark and what's the best way to utilise them?

How Happy Are HR Professionals?

The biggest ever survey into HR professionals! We created a survey to gauge how happy and engaged HR workers are to help us create better workplaces!

Improve Employee Retention: 10 Data-Driven Tips

Discover our top 10 data-led ways to boost staff retention, keep your people happy and ensure high productivity and performance. Read on.

How to Create A Thriving Company Culture

Every business wants a thriving company culture where employees enjoy coming into work as well as productivity and engagement being high. Read our tips.

How to Improve Employee Satisfaction: Top 5 Data-Driven Solutions

Discover our top five data driven ways to improve employee satisfaction, happiness and performance based on the findings from our global eNPS study.

How To Improve Employee Engagement & Why it Matters

Based on our own research into workplace happiness and eNPS, discover which factors help to boost employee engagement, happiness and satisfaction.


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