How To Make Workplace Culture Your Scaling Superpower

Are you hoping to make culture the secret ingredient in helping your organisation grow? Our top tips which include measurement and benchmarking.

Creating Safe Spaces For The Trans Community

Learn more about how to create safe spaces for the trans community with our tips and expert suggestions from DE&I specialist, Margot Slattery.

Anxiety, Stress & Burnout: Understanding The Differences & Recognising The Signs

Can you spot anxiety, stress or burnout in your team? What are the signs and how should they be treated at work? Answer these questions and more.

Boosting Mental Health Through Nature

Mental Health Awareness week has a nature focus this year. Read on to find out more about improving mental health with nature.

Employee Happiness Data During The Pandemic – How Did Employees Feel In Lockdown?

Check out the employee happiness insight and data from our Employee Voice survey during lockdown 2020, for people either on furlough or working.

The Biology (& Chemistry) of Happiness

When it comes to happiness there are a few things we know about the chemicals (or happy hormones) that help regulate our mood and make us happy. Read on.

How To Prepare For The Future Of Work

Prepare your people for the future of work, learn the key areas that will affect culture and discover our strategies to help you create a thriving culture.

Becoming B Corp Certified - What & Why?

We're just starting our journey in becoming B Corp certified. Follow our journey to becoming a B Corp business that puts people above profit.

The Neuroscience of Change

With big changes on the horizon why is it that many of us feel so anxious? To uncover the reason, let's dive into the neuroscience behind change.

Investing In Employee Happiness & Engagement

The Happiness Index just closed a private investment round of £1.06m to help accelerate growth and create happier workers globally. Read more.

Culture Shock - Rebuilding Toxic Work Cultures

Discover what makes a toxic culture and learn how you can rebuild it and turn it into a thriving company culture. Read on.

International Women’s Day – How to Ensure Everyone is Happy

International Women’s Day celebrates equality, acceptance and contribution. Our Head of People, Gemma shares recommendations to ensure equality.


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