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Becoming B Corp Certified - What & Why?

We're just starting our journey in becoming B Corp certified. Follow our journey to becoming a B Corp business that puts people above profit.

The Neuroscience of Change

With big changes on the horizon why is it that many of us feel so anxious? To uncover the reason, let's dive into the neuroscience behind change.

Investing in Employee Happiness & Engagement

The Happiness Index just closed a private investment round of £1.06m to help accelerate growth and create happier workers globally. Read more.

Culture Shock - Rebuilding Toxic Work Cultures

Discover what makes a toxic culture and learn how you can rebuild it and turn it into a thriving company culture. Read on.

International Women’s Day – How to Ensure Everyone is Happy

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate equality, acceptance and contribution. Our Head of People, Gemma shares recommendations to ensure equality.

Is Happiness Dictated by Nature or Nurture?

Discover if our happiness is dictated more nature or nurture or whether it's an even split. All insights from the book Freedom to be Happy by Matt Phelan.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion - Employee Engagement Data

Teaming up with Kevin O’Brien our co-founder Matt spoke to a panel of experts on linking up diversity, equality and employee engagement data. Find out more.

How The Heart & Head Impact Culture

Discover how your heart and your head impacts happiness, employee engagement and overall company culture. Underpinned by neuroscience and feedback data.

A Brief History of Happiness

What is Happiness? The history of happiness, what it means and where it came from. Discover how ancient philosophers shaped modern happiness thought.

FRC Disappointed by ‘Box-Ticking’ on Employee Engagement Reporting

Findings of the new Financial Reporting Council (FRC) report on adherence to corporate governance code outlines expectations for how companies must improve.

The Importance of a Happy Workplace

Are your employee engagement metrics high but you're still hearing complaints of unhappy staff? Read on to find out why workplace happiness is so important.

Which Happy Hormones are Released in the Workplace?

Our Head of Neuroscience reveals which hormones are at work in the workplace and how they can impact staff happiness and engagement positively. Read on.

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