Creating workplaces that boast high retention rates, workplace happiness and increased productivity is not a one-size-fits-all approach! With this in mind, we created our solutions!

To ensure that we cater for everyone, we have a number of solutions to help you understand your people and improve upon the key areas that impact every aspect of the business.

We selected these areas by setting our data scientists free on our millions of data points. They located the areas that consistently get flagged as focus areas to deliver the below solutions to you:

Employee Engagement

Through our surveys and analysis platform, your people can express their feelings, ideas, concerns and even complaints!

This allows you to easily build action plans to improve employee engagement and staff retention.


Everyone in your business will be stressed or upset at some point. Failure to listen, understand and combat their concerns will result in your people feeling frustrated and disengaged.

We create solutions to help you understand staff sentiment so you can boost employee happiness!


Forward-thinking businesses are investing in people analytics to help them understand their people and their business.

Our award-winning HR tech empowers leaders to make data-led action plans to create positive and lasting change.

Thriving Work Culture

Your culture is the heartbeat and personality of your organisation. It’s also a key catalyst for high staff retention and better recruitment.

By implementing our pulse surveys you can listen to you people and create strategies to create a thriving company culture.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers aren’t loyal due to pricing, branding or even products. They are loyal when they feel valued, understood and empathised with.

Our client satisfaction surveys help you understand pain points so you can improve the customer experience.


We’re all different and we embrace that. That’s why we work hard on creating connected experiences for our customers.

If you prefer to phone us, we’ll happily speak to you. If you want to fire off an email, great we’ll get right back to you and if you’d love to meet us, come along to one of our events.

Our Net Promoter Score is 57, our secret? It’s simple, we understand our customers are humans too.

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