Welcoming a New Quokka – Meesh Pallo

Elle Whitehead | 14th September 2021

The Happiness Index is excited to welcome Meesh Pallo as our new Head of Happiness and Engagement. 

Experienced People Partner, Meesh Pallo (pronouns – she, they), joined the ranks of the THI team this August. Meesh has a history of helping companies live their values and create environments for employees to show up as their authentic selves. Formerly working in the HR space at companies like Made Tech and Culture Amp, Meesh brings a wealth of valuable skills and experience to the team. 

A people and culture superstar, Meesh will be leading THI in their mission to become the best place to work in the world. Using insights from the THI platform, Meesh will further strengthen our ability to empower everyone with the freedom to be human.

Meesh explains, “I’m excited to be on board at THI because I truly believe that everyone deserves to be happy at work. It’s super exciting to have the opportunity to collaborate with people who share the same mission I’ve been striving for throughout my career”.

Matt Phelan, co-founder, explains that “we’re extremely excited for Meesh joining us, because it  represents us embodying our principals as we scale.” Chris Hyland, co-founder, adds “Meesh believes in what we believe in. Our values align completely and we hope this will help hold us accountable to our mission

Ambitious Targets

Following a successful funding round which raised £1.2 million in just a few weeks, THI are ready to launch a big recruitment drive to help meet ambitious targets in the coming years. THI aim to triple headcount to help achieve our revenue targets over the coming years. 

Noelle Kelly, Finance Manager, explains “”We have ambitious commercial targets. Meesh will help us to ensure we reach those while still staying true to ‘Freedom to be Human’ and putting our people at the heart of our business so we are able to balance profit and purpose.” 

Chris says “alongside commercial targets, we have other big business goals. These include becoming the happiest and most engaged workforce in the world and achieving B-corps certification. Meesh will help support us and drive this going forward.”

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