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Mood, Food & Sleep | Laurentia Campbell

Matt and Laura cover a wide range of important topics related to our wellbeing and happiness including health, neuroscience, gut microbiota, nutrition, mental health, alcohol, mood and sleep.

Subjective Wellbeing Research | Amanda Henwood

Matt Phelan and Amanda Henwood discuss Amanda's research into subjective wellbeing. Exploring the links between wellbeing, cognition and behaviour, she draws insights from psychology, computer science, human computer interaction and behavioural economics.

Toxic Masculinity | Lewis Wedlock

Lewis Wedlock is an activist, academic and social psychologist. As one of the UK's youngest lecturers, Lewis' work centers around exploring and challenging structures that limit expression. Lewis joins Matt Phelan to discuss his views on toxic masculinity.

Work From Happy | Jason Lancaster

Creative Jason Lancaster tells us how a book changed the way he looked at the world forever. Discussing the impact moving to a remote island had on his career, happiness and performance, this episode will make you want to stop and listen to your emotions.

Bereavement & Happiness | Emily Cummin

Emily Cummin from Untangle discusses supporting employees through times of bereavement. This discussion covers a range of ways organisations can support employees and their managers during such difficult times.

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