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Platform image showing ENPs survey results


Our eNPS survey can be used at any stage of your employee or organisation's life cycle to understand your team's employee experience. Benchmark against similar organisations or internally to measure, track and understand the success of your people strategy.

Platform image showing ENPs survey results
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increase in profitability with a highly engaged workforce - Gallup

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of executives consider employee engagement critical to organisational success - Harvard Business Review

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Only 16%

of companies use technology to measure employee engagement - Gartner

The Problem

There has never been a more important time to create a strong employee brand. You need to understand how your employees think and feel about your organisation in a tangible way.

There are many places where employees can share this information externally - Glassdoor, LinkedIn and so on - but this won’t give you the data you need to make a difference.

The Solution

We include your employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) in many of our pre-built surveys as well as in this stand alone offering.

By giving you one understandable score, based on one simple question, you are able to truly understand how your team feel about your organisation whenever you need, at the push of a button.

Jan Nielsen, VP Group HR & Operational Support at Rocco Forte Hotels


VP Group HR & Operational Support

Rocco Forte Hotels

Creating a long-term strategy with The Happiness Index will enable us to better listen and understand how our people are thinking and feeling to drive a stronger people strategy within each of our locations.


Prospective customers and employees can find out more information about your company than ever. And they care.

Increasingly people are taking employment practices into account when choosing a place of work AND when deciding which organisations to buy from. Having a single source of truth enables you to monitor and action what your team is thinking and feeling.

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Our survey asks one simple question, giving employees a 10-point scale to rate your organisation against. Plus, an open comment box for context.

Within your dashboard you can easily understand trends, themes and sentiment - giving you actionable insight. Use filters to deep-dive into your data. Understand what your people want and need, and celebrate wins or strategise weaknesses!


With one easy-to-understand score, you’re able to share your results quickly and easily.

Build your employer brand, update internal stakeholders and help your colleagues understand the impact of your culture on your organisation. By giving clear benchmarks both internally and externally everyone can understand progress.

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Get the full picture from your people.

We enable you to collect completely anonymous feedback from all your people. Our survey is available across different devices and languages, whenever and wherever your team wants and needs. This means you’re able to really understand your whole team!


Designed to be used in conjunction with our full suite of pre-built surveys.

Across our platform we allow you to identify trends across your employee lifecycle, understand seasonal changes and dive deeper into key drivers of happiness AND engagement.

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