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We believe the way organisations are set up today is fundamentally broken. There are too many archaic and hierarchical structures that keep your people locked in cages and prevent them from soaring to the heights of their potential. We know there’s another way… and it’s our mission to bring this to your attention!

A quantum shift towards a new world that doesn’t have to compromise between work and happiness is coming. Make sure you join the “Happiness Revolution”

Our vision is simple – Give people the “Freedom to be Human” by putting happiness at the centre of your organisation and everyone will reap the benefits.

Just like tree roots find a way through the soil, a Happiness Organisation grows naturally whilst creating a solid foundation to flourish & grow.

That’s why we are holding our Happiness and Human conference every year…

Happiness and Humans 2019 highlights

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The Happiness and Humans Conference has one clear purpose; to gather like-minded people who share a passion for creating better workplaces comprised of happy and high-performing humans.

Checklist to see if this event is to your taste:

  • Are you a People Leader who recognises that your staff are the most valuable part of your business?
  • Do you love working with humans and seeing them reach their potential?
  • Do you believe that happiness is a precursor to organisational success and cultural wellbeing?

If you scored 3/3 this is the conference for you

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    Happiness is contagious and we want to help spread it globally! At the happiness index We work with over 100 unique customers who share the same passion as us… to put happiness at the centre of their organisations.

    If we help businesses to invest in their people, then the future of work will comprise of happy and engaged workers and thriving organisations. These organisations will be brimming with employees who want to help their company succeed… not out of obligation but because they feel valued and empowered! After all; Happy staff + Happy customers = Better business.


    Happiness and Humans
    May 2019

    The Happiness Index passionately believes in your Freedom to be human. We believe it will ultimately lead to greater happiness

    Each year we endeavour to assemble inspirational speakers from all walks of life. This ensures we have varying perspectives and rich insights around happiness, culture and engagement. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out the short clips below of our speakers in action at last year’s Happiness & Humans Conference:

    Henry Stewart | CEO | Happy Ltd

    “5000 deaths per year result from unhappy, disengaged workforces… If you’re sick, make sure you go to a happy hospital. It will make a difference!” Happiness is an influencer of productivity, enjoyment of role and output. This is true for all professions and leaders must start valuing their people more.

    Andrew Patrick |Ex HRD, CEO | Virgin, Worldpay

    “Not interested in where people do their job, I’m interested in output.” If everyone does what they’ve agreed, then it doesn’t matter if you do it how/where you like! This modern, flexible working culture is where people thrive. We shouldn’t be under the watchful eye of someone. .

    Jana Dowling | CEO | ARKEO

    “We all have varying levels of mental fitness that are impacted by lifestyle, life experiences and world events.“ The importance of mental fitness and how it is simpler and less confusing than the terms mental health & wellbeing. It’s the same as physical fitness but for your brain!

    Matt & Tony | CTO & Co-Founder | The Happiness Index

    “It’s not about command and control it’s about giving people the resources and the flexibility to do their roles.” Hierarchical structures are a thing of the past. The way forward is an organic, flat structure which splits everyone into teams but ensures everyone is bound by the values & vision of the organisation.

    Gareth Dunlop | CEO| Fathom

    “Organisations try to attract people with flexibility and comfort.” Anything we do that makes us proud of ourselves is difficult. Organisations should empower people to leave their comfort zones and have a purpose in the company culture if they want their people to have hope for the future and thrive.

    Laura Willis |Co-Founder | Shine offline

    “The World Health Organisation have stressed that workplace stress and burnout will be among the most prevalent diseases.” Gone are the days where we allow ourselves to rejuvenate due to mobile devises. Businesses need to prevent the “macho culture” of working late and responding to emails throughout the night.

    Gethin Nadin | Director & Author | Benefex

    “Globally, 72% of people trust their employees.” Leaders have a clear responsibility to prove themselves worthy of this trust – which is the highest it’s ever been! If people come to leaders for help, it presents an amazing opportunity to help them with their wellbeing in and out of the workplace.

    Kate Wood | Director of Culture | Chess

    “Technology has been driving culture, but now culture, for us, is driving technology.” With the right tools & sentiment analysis you can drill down and see if humans are feeling valued and cared for – before they know themselves! This helps to create meaningful action plans based around people and culture..

    Clive Hyland | Coach, Neuroscientist and business leader

    “Inspiration is the ability to be able to see something that you want to feel and be a part of.” Business leaders should be working hard to ensure their people are inspired to achieve success for themselves and the business – resulting in the creation and sustainability of happiness and success!

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