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Room 101: Employee Engagement Surveys

Best-selling HR author, Gethin Nadin, joins us to discuss the top 3 pet peeves about employee engagement surveys that he'd banish to the depths of Room 101.


How to Execute a Non-Biased & Diverse Talent Strategy

We explore how to execute a non-biased, diverse talent strategy. We look at talent acquisition, talent management & talent strategy via case studies.


Can Employee Monitoring and a Trust Culture Coexist?

With the rise in remote & hybrid working more organisations are considering the use of employee monitoring tech. Can employee monitoring & trust coexist?


Creating a Thriving Culture in a Remote First World

The global pandemic has tested workplace cultures like never before. We reflect on how organisations can create a thriving culture in a remote first world.


Racial Equality in the Workplace - Catch Up

Roundtable discussion exploring “Racial Equality in the Workplace” including where existing diversity & inclusion policies fall short.


People, Purpose, Planet & Profit: Roundtable

Understand why more organisations are embracing a new sustainable model that places people, purpose and our planet alongside profit.


Neuroscience - Building Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty

Clive Hyland joins Matt Phelan to discuss what mental resilience is, whether its learnt or inherent & how organisations can help develop mental resilience.


Uncomfortable Conversations: Race, Diversity & Inclusion Roundtable

Panel discussion on what businesses can do to address the systematic racial bias that exists in organisations and society on a global scale.


Tackling Loneliness & Mental Health Issues During Covid Pandemic

Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind joined us to discuss the mental health emergency created by the covid pandemic.


The Sodexo People Story

Join Cathy Desquesses, Chief People Officer at Sodexo, one of the world's largest companies, as she joins Chris Hyland about the Sodexo people story.


Requirement to Report on Employee Engagement - The What, Who & How

Many UK businesses are now subject to reporting requirements governing employee engagement. We share what these are, how to comply & use it to your benefit.