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How to Build an Employee Engagement And Happiness Strategy

The global pandemic has supercharged the pace of change making mental health and workplace culture boardroom priorities. Want to future-proof your business?


Why Measure Employee Engagement And Happiness

Hybrid working, wellbeing & culture have become workplace priorities during the pandemic. We explore how measuring engagement & happiness can drive change.


How to Engage And Support The Happiness of Working Parents

Discussing how working parents have fared through the pandemic, the shift in expectations around flexibility and how employers can support working parents.


What do Employees Need to Thrive at Work?

Are you grappling with how to create a better future of work for your people? We get under the skin of what employees need to be engaged and happy at work.


Is Culture a Scaling Superpower?

Is your company going through rapid growth? Are you proud of your culture? Are you hoping to use culture to help your organisation grow? Then join us.


Culture Change - Rethinking Our Model of Leadership

The pandemic has tested leaders like no other event in living memory. Is it time to rethink our leadership model and how do we go about culture change?


The Quantum Way - The Science Behind Happiness And Workplace Engagement

In the second book in our Happiness & Humans series, The Quantum Way, we examine the science behind engagement & happiness & what it means to be human.


Forging the Future of Work

Emerging from the crisis we have an opportunity to forge a better future of work by defining people strategies that enable a thriving culture. Watch now.


How to Link your Diversity, Equality & Employee Engagement Data

The Happiness Index and Williams Kent host a virtual roundtable exploring how to link diversity, equality & employee engagement data


Reimagining Employee Engagement

If the HR community are to lead their organisations out of the pandemic, how should they reimagine employee engagement?


The Neuroscience of Stress

Catch up with our Head of Neuroscience, Clive Hyland, as he speaks to Matt Phelan about the neuroscience of stress.


The One Manchester Story

Watch on demand how One Manchester are pursuing a strategic people priority of creating a happy & healthy organisation with The Happiness Index.