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A pre-built survey designed to give your people a voice during times of change

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We wanted to do our bit to help keep people connected during this period… So we decided to offer everyone the opportunity to use our Employee Voice 24/7 technology for free! It will enable you to effectively manage change by listening to your people, gathering key themes and creating meaningful actions for your internal communications.

why are we
doing this?

In times of uncertainty and rapid change, it’s vital to listen to your employees

Now, more than ever, your people need to feel safe and assured that you value their opinion and they have a method to share their feelings and speak to someone. Listening gives leadership teams a heightened sense of what is important to their teams and can help ensure their communications are well-timed and relevant to the audience. Employee Voice allows employees to feedback when they like… not just when they’re asked.

what is
employee voice 24/7?

It’s an open survey technology that allows your employees to feedback on how they are feeling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The data is collected and then summarised in real-time via simple dashboards that help your leadership team understand how their people are feeling.

Employee Voice 24/7
Dashboard Data

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