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A pre-built survey designed to help businesses Listen, Learn and Understand in real-time

Ian Woodward |HR Director | Caesars Entertainment UK

Our offer

Listening isn’t just for Xmas COVID… It’s for life!

It’s our mission to help businesses understand the most important part of their business… their people! So we want to offer everyone the opportunity to use our Employee Voice 24/7 technology for free for 6 months! It will empower you to effectively manage change by listening to your people, gathering key themes and creating meaningful actions to improve staff happiness, wellbeing and performance.

We also offer Employee Voice 24/7 PLUS which offers an enhanced feature set including access to:

  • Benchmarking data allowing you to compare your avg. score, magnitude, sentiment, response numbers, comment length & analysis with the latest benchmarks   
  • Trend analysis including avg. score, magnitude, sentiment, & response numbers enabling you to analyse the trends in your employees’ feelings over time
  • Enhanced filter reporting to enable an analysis of more segmented data sets in your organisation 
  • Branded survey templates to include your colours, logo and titles 

Prices start at £1,200 per annum

why listen to
your people?

“Today’s emotions are tomorrow’s performance” – Clive Hyland, Head of Neuroscience

If you want to create a workplace for the future where your people feel engaged and empowered to achieve, then you need to demonstrate that you care. Listening gives leadership teams a heightened sense of what is important to their teams and can help ensure their communications are empathetic, well-timed and relevant to the audience. 

Employee Voice 24/7 allows employees to feedback when they like… not just when they’re asked. This empowers leaders to be empathetic and demonstrate that they value their staff and take all feedback and input seriously.

what is
employee voice 24/7?

It’s an open survey technology that allows your employees to feedback on how they are feeling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by asking one simple question; “How are you feeling today?” The data is collected and then summarised in real-time via simple dashboards that help your leadership team understand how their people are feeling.

Employee Voice 24/7 Survey Question


Employee Voice 24/7 dashboard trends and analytics
Voice 24/7 Word Cloud Analytics

employee voice 24/7 testimonials

New Look | Emma Hayward, Transformation Director

“Thanks to the amazon team at The Happiness Index we launched Employee Voice 24/7 to our 11,500 colleagues. By asking one question “How are your feeling today?” we are able to see what’s on our colleagues’ minds and stay connected. They can use the tool anytime and as often as they like – with lots of responses so far, it’s helped us to understand how our people are feeling and what we can do to support with wellbeing. Thanks to The Happiness Index for helping us to make this happen.”

M&C Saatchi | Emily Hawkins, Group HR Director

“We’ve recently partnered with The Happiness Index to use their platform to see how employees are feeling. This insight it has given us has been so valuable. We have managed to address a lot of the concerns raised by quickly implementing new policies and adjusting communications. I highly recommend taking them up on their offering.”

Innovative Trials | Laura Burt, Head of Human Resources

“We are measuring how all our remote workers are feeling. Well, it’s AMAZING! It’s giving me meaningful data that I can work with to make this tough time a little bit easier!”

University of Huddersfield Students’ Union | Rae Ellis-Barron, HR Manager

“The Happiness Index is so useful for us, it really came into its own at the start of lockdown as a way to be able to keep in touch in real-time with how our staff were feeling and coping with the changes. It enabled us to address these concerns and show our staff that we were listening.”

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