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We provide employee engagement surveys and solutions to help you identify focus areas, boost retention and create a happier workplace

Through our pre-built, bespoke and fully customisable surveys, your employees can express their:

  • feelings
  • ideas
  • concerns
  • and even complaints!

This allows you to easily build action plans to improve employee engagement and staff retention.

We create solutions to help you visualise your culture, improve performance and provide your people with the freedom to be human at work. This ensures that culture, employee engagement and workplace happiness are assured!

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Companies with engaged employees outperform those with disengaged employees by 202% – Gallup

Our employee engagement surveys will help you understand your people and visualise your culture

We are experts in all things employee engagement, workplace happiness and culture. We have years of experience to ensure we can create meaningful surveys to help you improve business!

The role of online dashboards and reporting is to get you from data to insight as quickly as possible. That’s why all of our insight tools, dashboards and reporting are designed to give you insight and not data.

Our online dashboards include trend data so you can compare performance over time, standard deviation scores so you can see how consistent or not the results are to your survey and our word clouds lets you understand the key themes your people are talking about.

Discover our Pre-builtPersonalised & Enterprise survey options below.

How we can

What are my

Pre-built survey

We are experts in all things employee engagement, workplace happiness and culture. We have years of experience to ensure we can create meaningful surveys to help you improve business!

Our pre-built surveys cover a broad range of topics that our customers, respondents and 2.4 million data points have helped us to define.

The questions have been designed by our in-house team of data-scientists, workplace psychologists and business leaders in order to gain the maximum amount of insight from the fewest questions possible.

Personalised survey

Our personalised surveys will help you improve any areas of your business you want to focus on.

Our customer success team will help you visualise your culture and understand business pain points – so we can determine the best survey for your people and your business.

Every personalised survey comes with a specific report which provides a range of data visualisations to create the meaningful insight you require. You’ll also have an online dashboard so you can easily see your data brought to life via charts, graphs, word clouds… and many more!


Our Enterprise solution allows you to fully customise your surveys and provides a wide range of online dashboards, insight tools and reports.

Our enterprise model:

1. Lets you design your own surveys
2. Allows you to send unlimited surveys
3. Provides unlimited admin logins
4. Offers a vast toolset of insight and reporting dashboards

This is ideal for businesses that want to send unlimited surveys in different languages, across multiple sights.

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We give people a voice using some amazing technology – combined with some even more amazing people. And as everyone is unique, we have a different approach for different types of business.

Book a demo or get in touch with one of our friendly team members on +44 (0) 203 925 4020 to discover more about the best solution for your business.

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