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Ebook: Culture Playbook

Culture playbook: How to build a thriving workplace culture - eBook cover

How to Build a Thriving Workplace Culture

Across 9 chapters we address the most common questions we get at The Happiness Index about creating and maintaining workplace cultures. From embedding listening into your day-to-day, to building a global culture - this guide has it all!

Plus we link to loads more resources to support you in your journey to building a successful workplace culture that works for your organisation.


  1. What is Workplace Culture?

  2. What is Positive Workplace Culture?

  3. Toxic Workplace Culture - What is it & How Can we Avoid it?

  4. How is Organisational Culture Created?

  5. Why do Workplace Values Matter?

  6. 6 Steps to Creating a Culture of Listening

  7. Where Does Culture Live?

  8. Moving from Organisational Cultural Fit to Cultural Growth

  9. Can You Have a Global Workplace Culture?