Gethin Nadin and Matt Phelan discuss what they'd put in Room 101 of Employee Engagement

ROOM 101 of Employee Engagement Surveys

Jan 23, 2020

Best-selling HR author, Gethin Nadin, joins our Chief Happiness Officer, Matt Phelan, to discuss the top 3 pet peeves about employee engagement surveys that they’d banish to the depths of Room 101.

Join us to learn the key pitfalls to avoid if you want to give people a true voice and improve their employee experience.


Louise Lawrence and Matt Phelan discuss latest employee engagement legislation

Requirement to Report on Employee Engagement – The What, Who & How

Dec 3, 2019

Are you aware that many UK businesses (possibly including yours) are now subject to new reporting requirements governing employee engagement? We want to help you understand what the legislation is, how to comply and how to use it to your benefit! Join Louise Lawrence & Matt Phelan to find out more…


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