Webinar: The Role of ERGs in Creating Inclusive Workplace Cultures

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a vital component of an organisation’s approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. Effective ERGs can not only help to create a sense of belonging, but to embed a listening culture and boost employee happiness. But what’s the best way to approach your ERG strategy to deliver these outcomes?

Join Matt Phelan as he speaks to Kat Parsons, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging UK & Ireland at ISS Facility Services UK, Fatima Nahimana, Associate, Workplace & Customer Experience Lead, Montagu Evans LLP and Gemma Lancaster, Diversity and Inclusion Board Member, Travis Perkins plc to discuss:

  • What are Employee Resource Groups? How are they formed and how do they typically operate?

  • What role do ERGs play in creating inclusive workplace cultures and how can organisations embed ERGs in their listening strategy?

  • Can being a member of an ERG help an employee feel more happy and engaged?

  • How can you measure the effectiveness of ERGs?

  • Top tips for creating successful ERGs and pitfalls to avoid.

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