Webinar: Freedom, Safety and the Role of Leadership in Suicide Prevention

According the the Deloitte UK Mental Health Report 2022, 50% of employees have experienced at least one symptom of burnout as a result of work pressures and the post-pandemic reduction in social interaction. While mental health has become a topic more employers are taking seriously, suicide prevention is still taboo. 

Kashi Chellen sits down with Sally Desborough (MHFA & SFA Instructor, YourWellbeingHub) and Laura Page (People & Happiness Asst, The Happiness Index) to discuss: 

  • The current landscape of mental health at work 

  • Warning signs and factors that can increase the risk of suicide

  • An organisational approach to suicide prevention and the role of leadership

  • Support systems & relationships - colleagues, managers (wellbeing check ins, 121s, return to work conversations), HR, EAP, Occupational Health, MHFAiders, SFAiders, helplines & organisations

  • Policy - mental & physical wellbeing & suicide prevention policy, financial wellbeing, domestic abuse, bereavement, diversity, menopause, family policies, redundancy

  •   How to have a conversation and assess risk level