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2019 new year resolutions for businesses

5 New Year’s resolutions for businesses in 2019

“In a world of increasing change and complexity, we have a lot to think about as we develop the future for HR. But we also have a great opportunity to position HR at the heart of business, rising to our role in building organizations [sic] that are more agile and adaptive, more diverse, more responsible […]

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How to improve company culture to retain your people

It is a known fact that the “New year, new me” mantra can be a big catalyst for people changing careers. A recent study by Monster revealed that January is the most popular month for people leaving their jobs in the pursuit of something new – where nine out of 10 of Monster.com’s busiest days for job applications last year were during […]

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Drunk person asleep at the work Christmas party

How to survive the work Christmas party

As the festive season snowballs into full swing, the work Christmas party is getting nearer and nearer. You’ve been working hard for the whole year and now it’s time to slip into your most flattering elf outfit and have some festive fun! For many of us, this is an occasion we Ho-heartedly welcome (sorry). For […]

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Office politics conspiracy workplace HR

Office politics – Pros, cons and tips to govern it

Put simply, office politics are the strategies people adopt to gain an advantage over their peers. The term is often thought of in a negative light, as these competitive strategies often come at the expense of others. If you asked a worker about their views on office politics, they will probably say that they avoid […]

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Engaged and happy workers are more productive. Teamwork, collaboration and social investement.

How happiness & teamwork creates success

I want you to indulge me for 30 seconds… Think about the best job you’ve ever had. Picture yourself there. Are your memories filled with the people you were working with, the conversations, the fun, the laughter, working together in adversity, delivering great results and the camaraderie? That’s far more likely than memories of your […]

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Winston Churchill leadership personality organisational psychology

Leadership & personality: How to determine the right approach

No one gets behind a leader for his or her ability to budget, offer resources and delegate. These things are expected. We really get behind a leader when we warm to their character and personality! Think about your favourite teacher for a second… You’re not thinking about the one that organised the most efficient lesson […]

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The future of workplaces hw to thrive

Video: How to be an employer of the future

 In my role as founder and CEO of The Happiness Index I speak to lots of different businesses on a regular basis. Due to the nature of our work I get the opportunity to look ‘under the bonnet’. It never fails to amaze me that regardless of size or sector there is a recurring […]

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