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Boardroom buy-in people analytics

How to get boardroom buy-in for people analytics

Imagine if your company showed the same care and attention to its people as it does with its financial performance… As HR experts, we can appreciate all the unique ways that people analytics can benefit our businesses, by helping us to measure the most important asset we have… Our People. All that’s left is to […]

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Happy workplace company culture

Culture: Is the Old Workplace Model Broken?

How the environment is changing Like it or not, the world of work is changing. It’s widely accepted that everyone has the right to be happy and fulfilled at work. Workers require more than just a paycheque! Investors and leadership teams are waking up to the damage that can be caused by toxic cultures (e.g. […]

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Culture happiness boardroom

Culture Meets the Boardroom

The idea that the only social responsibility of business was solely to increase its profits was popularised by economist Milton Friedman half a century ago. It’s safe to say the times have changed! We reached a tipping point in 2019 with more organisations acknowledging the need for a more “conscious capitalism” that extends the pursuit […]

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Bringing happiness into boardroom

New reporting legislation brings happiness into the boardroom

Not much of a reader? Watch our 10-min video instead! The Who, What, Why, How Are you aware that many UK businesses (possibly including yours) are now subject to new reporting requirements? Affected businesses need to detail in their Directors’ reports how they engage with their people. It’s vital that you understand how to comply […]

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thriving company culture brand

How to improve company culture & boost staff retention

Winter is here, Christmas is behind us and it’s a new decade! This has all got me thinking… It’s a known fact that the “New year, new me” mantra can be a big catalyst for people changing careers. A recent study by Monster revealed that January is the most popular month for people leaving their […]

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5 employee engagement trends for 2020… and beyond

Ever since workers’ rights were legislated and you could no longer use brute force or fear to boost productivity – employee engagement has been the most important catalyst for business success. Employee engagement is an “issue” that every business leader must think about. No, it’s not going away. No, it isn’t just a buzzword/phrase. Yes, […]

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HR Happiness Happiness Report

Lack of Career Development Hampering the Happiness of HR

The happiness of HR professionals is being held back by a lack of career development… so reveals our inaugural HR Happiness Index. The finding comes from new research we conducted in November 2019 in the week leading up to the CIPD annual conference. HR professionals were asked to rate their level on the 20 factors […]

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2020 Vision Event Selfie

2020 Vision | Creating Thriving, Human-led Cultures

If you’re one of the (lucky) few who weren’t inundated by our relentless promotions recently – we hosted 2020 Vision this month! It was a conference where industry experts spoke around helping people create thriving cultures and human-led businesses.  It involved entertaining and insightful talks, as well as expert panel sessions where the audience had […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder, bad weather

5 tips to defeat Seasonal Affective Disorder

It doesn’t take a trained psychiatrist to tell us that the weather can affect our mood. If it’s rainy and cold then our mood can suffer, and if it’s sunny we may have an extra spring in our step. As the days get increasingly darker, our moods often follow suit. For some people, the darker […]

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