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Office politics conspiracy workplace HR

Office politics – Pros, cons and tips to govern it

Put simply, office politics are the strategies people adopt to gain an advantage over their peers. The term is often thought of in a negative light, as these competitive strategies often come at the expense of others. If you asked a worker about their views on office politics, they will probably say that they avoid […]

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Engaged and happy workers are more productive. Teamwork, collaboration and social investement.

How happiness & teamwork creates success

I want you to indulge me for 30 seconds… Think about the best job you’ve ever had. Picture yourself there. Are your memories filled with the people you were working with, the conversations, the fun, the laughter, working together in adversity, delivering great results and the camaraderie? That’s far more likely than memories of your […]

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Winston Churchill leadership personality organisational psychology

Leadership & personality: How to determine the right approach

No one gets behind a leader for his or her ability to budget, offer resources and delegate. These things are expected. We really get behind a leader when we warm to their character and personality! Think about your favourite teacher for a second… You’re not thinking about the one that organised the most efficient lesson […]

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Working fathers equality gender diversity parents paternity maternity leave work-life balance father's rights

Fathers’ rights: Creating gender equality for all parents

I recently became a father to a wonderful (and ridiculously cute) baby boy. It’s important to me, as it is for many new Dads, to play a full role at home and simultaneously perform highly at work. My wife has a busy working life too, so it’s important for her career that I do my […]

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The future of workplaces hw to thrive

Video: How to be an employer of the future

 In my role as founder and CEO of The Happiness Index I speak to lots of different businesses on a regular basis. Due to the nature of our work I get the opportunity to look ‘under the bonnet’. It never fails to amaze me that regardless of size or sector there is a recurring […]

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Learn how to motivate your staff by improving their environment on improve your office day

Seven tips to boost engagement through office design

Does your chair creek every time you shift your weight? Are the beige walls starting to be a real downer? Is the coffee-stained carpet getting tiresome? Well worry not my friends, as today is Improve Your Office Day. Improve Your Office Day is the perfect excuse to tap into the innermost designer to make some […]

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Our first CSR donation to Uganda’s most vulnerable children

We recently partnered with Hope for Children and have made our first donation towards our chosen cause. The donation will be used to: Provide learning materials, such as exercise books and pencils so children can gain access to education. Help children have access to a football pitch, football coaching and a referee allowing them to stay […]

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Importance of handling feedback correctly

Asking for feedback is one thing but handling it well is another…

We live in a world where feedback is king (think about Tripadvisor, Glassdoor and Google reviews). Feedback can be incredibly beneficial or incredibly harmful to your business. This is entirely dependent on your management process. When feedback isn’t handled correctly it creates irreparable damage to your employer branding and reputation… especially if it becomes public! […]

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