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Sleep and circadian rhythm not ready for work

The Impact of sleep on wellness & productivity

The stress of living under lockdown, and dealing with our new world reality is playing havoc with our sleep patterns! One-third of people in Britain are estimated to suffer from a lack of sleep on a regular basis. Poor quality sleep harms your brain’s reaction time, concentration, memory and decision-making ability. As this afflicts so […]

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mindfulness-meditation-happiness-wellness-well being

Mindfulness and its impact on happiness

In the previous instalment of my happiness series we discussed moods. They are short-term states of mind with a long-term effect on our overall well-being and happiness.  Sometimes we can recognise what triggers our mood, but they are usually born on a much deeper level. As mentioned, both emotions (good & bad) could have a […]

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Employee Voice 24/7 survey technology

Employee Voice 24/7 | Give your people a voice during times of change

Wow, what a few weeks eh? With a fast-changing situation and unprecedented numbers of employees working from home, self-isolating or ill – it’s critical no one feels isolated.  Now, more than ever, It’s important that you’re able to communicate on a daily basis to help you understand how your people feel and to understand the cultural […]

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Change management. Motivating people through change

How to motivate your people through periods of change

We live in a world where the future is increasingly shrouded in uncertainty. External factors can affect our businesses – Coronavirus, Brexit and the ambiguity around impending world trade agreements can immediately shift the climate we work in. Recent evidence suggests there will be more change and shockwaves to our businesses over the next five […]

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Neuroscience helps Coronavirus

What can neuroscience teach us about how to respond to the Coronavirus

As the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to test the global economy and health systems, employers and employees are rightly concerned about the ongoing impact that it will have on their business, culture, health and happiness. Employers face the challenge of taking every possible action to protect their people, whilst also maintaining an operational business. […]

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Motivate workers with self-determination theory SDT

How to apply Self-determination theory to boost workplace motivation

We created 4 FREE surveys in response to Covid-19 which will help your business thrive and boost work-life balance for your people. Click here to Discover More There’s always a lot of debate about different psychological studies here at The Happiness Index. Our team benefits from the knowledge and passion of several experienced psychologists – one […]

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Dungeons dragons diversity & inclusion

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging: An Adventurer’s Perspective

Increasingly in the modern working culture, businesses are pushed (and are pushing) further towards having diverse, inclusive workforces. This is great to see! What is less encouraging is the number of companies who seem to see this as nothing more than a box-checking exercise. Phrases like “We need more women in tech”, when said without […]

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