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International women's day

International Women’s Day – How to Ensure Everyone is Happy

“International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.” – United Nations Happy International Women’s Day everyone! This is a day to celebrate equality, […]

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happiness nature nurture

Is Happiness Nature or Nurture?

This is inspired by chapter 4 of my book, Freedom to be happy: The Business Case for Happiness Happiness – Are you born this way? The “Glass half full/empty” debate! One of the questions we frequently get asked at The Happiness Index is whether happiness is nature or nurture? We all probably know at least […]

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Equality diversity employee engagement

Equality, Diversity and Employee Engagement Data

It was an absolute pleasure to team up with Kevin O’Brien again to speak to a formidable panel of experts on how to link up equality, diversity and employee engagement data. Big thanks to Dr Jenny Cook, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Data Lead, The Met Office, Monica Stancu, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Royal Academy of […]

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Heart and Brain impacts Culture

How the Heart and Head Impacts Culture

With the end of the pandemic in our sights, conversations have turned to “What will the world of work look like once we’re able to return to offices?”  The question is, will people still want to return? Opinion here differs, and there are plenty of people who fall at either extreme of the spectrum – […]

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Can Money Make You Happy?

Can Money Make You Happy?

This is inspired by the second chapter of my book,Freedom to be happy: The Business Case for Happiness One of the big questions when it comes to happiness, particularly in a work context, is whether money can make you happier. If you keep chasing the next job with a larger salary, will you be happier? […]

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Predictions for employee happiness in 2021

What does 2021 have in store for employee happiness?

1) Changes to personal life will change professional life Covid-19 has changed people forever. The changes people have started to make in their personal lives will flow through into business life. With people now being used to working from home, being able to be part of their children’s lives, or see their partners more in […]

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Organisational culture is your brand

Understanding organisational culture – Tips to help your business thrive

If you want to understand your businesses cultural health  to create a thriving culture, check out our Cultural Assessment Survey We all have our own unique personalities that set us apart from everyone else and define us. Similarly, every organisation has its own vision, rules, practices and guidelines. This is essentially the organisation’s personality. This […]

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History of happiness

The History of Happiness

This is inspired by the first chapter of my book, Freedom to be happy: The Business Case for Happiness Happiness may feel like a fleeting and insubstantial thing to grasp, however, we’ve proved it to be measurable & tangible. But let’s take a step back and take a look at how some of the best […]

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Employee happiness Lockdown 3.0

Lockdown 3.0 | Employee Happiness Lower Than the first Lockdown

All insights are taken from our Employee Voice 24/7 tool – Discover More about the FREE Tool Here As the UK entered the third period of nationwide lockdown in January 2021 and uncertainty remains about when it will be lifted. We took another look at how employees are feeling. We’ve been offering our Employee Voice 24/7 […]

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