Feedback & Employee Happiness | Karen Robinson

Karen Joins Matt to discuss the importance of feedback on employee happiness. A senior business leader, mentor and coach with 15 years experience, Karen gives her expert view on how to give and receive feedback.

Listening & Employee Happiness | Margot Slattery

Global Head of DEI at ISS joins Matt to discuss the importance of employees feeling listened to. Not being listened to is a form of sensory deprivation that is emotionally destabilising and can make us feel unsure about who we are and our importance.

Building The UK's Latest Tech Unicorn | Sultan Murad Saidov

Sultan is Co Founder of Beamery, the leading talent lifecycle management platform. The platform allows organisations to create more human experiences and unlock potential of global workforces. Matt finds out more about becoming a tech unicorn.

Soft Landing During Job Cuts | Walter Peterscheck

With layoffs prominent across the globe Walter shares his story of being let go. Walter helps people in similar situations to continue their career and prosper. This episode is designed to help both individual and company in doing this in a supportive way.

The Architecture of Happiness | Dr Tim Lomas

Tim is a Research Affiliate at Harvard University. He joins Matt to discuss his new paper 'The Architecture of Happiness'. Happiness is increasingly prominent in academia, but with little focus on how it's created, especially in a multidimensional sense.

HR, Happiness & Psychology | Dr Hayley Lewis

Featured on HRs Most Influential 2022, Dr Hayley Lewis is a chartered psychologist, coach and lecturer. Listen for Hayley's views on happiness, HR and modern psychology in the world of work.

Mood, Food & Sleep | Laurentia Campbell

Matt and Laura cover a wide range of important topics related to our wellbeing and happiness including health, neuroscience, gut microbiota, nutrition, mental health, alcohol, mood and sleep.

12 Million Lessons in Employee Happiness | Matt Phelan & Guest Host Kashi Chellen

Kashi takes over as Happiness and Humans host to interview Matt Phelan on his TedX Brighton talk. Titled 12 Million Lessons in Employee Happiness, the talk covers data-led learnings from 1 million humans around the world.

Subjective Wellbeing Research | Amanda Henwood

Matt Phelan and Amanda Henwood discuss Amanda's research into subjective wellbeing. Exploring the links between wellbeing, cognition and behaviour, she draws insights from psychology, computer science, human computer interaction and behavioural economics.

Death & Happiness | Tracey Smith-Atkins, Robert Black & Alex Rowlands

A discussion about what it's like to work in a job where death is part of the employee experience from the perspective of a CEO, HR professional and technology evangelist. Listen to find out what we can learn from this sector.

Entrepreneurship in Space | Bianca Cefalo

Bianca Cefalo of Space DOTS sits down with Matthew Phelan to discuss entrepreneurship, happiness and new space. Bianca discusses her career, organisational culture, the founders and what it is like to be an entrepreneur in the space industry.

Happiness in Space | Melissa Thorpe

Melissa Thorpe is the inspirational Head of Spaceport Cornwall. Sitting down with Matt Phelan, she discusses her career, leadership tips, kindness and success. Listen for advice on rising to the top whilst being an empathetic leader.




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