Team Dynamics, Relationships & Employee Happiness | Arlette Bentzen

On this episode Arlette Bentzen discusses how no matter how flat your internal org chart is, there will be some kind of power dynamic in play and these relationships will impact the happiness of your employees.

Authenticity, Freedom & Employee Happiness | Jenn Lim

Matt Phelan sits down with Jenn Lim, Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness and author of best seller, "Beyond Happiness" to discuss all things Authenticity.

Autonomy, Freedom & Employee Happiness | Matthew Knight

Matthew joins us to discuss Autonomy, Freedom & Employee Happiness The opportunity to operate with some autonomy strikes at the heart of the human experience.

Acceptance, Freedom & Employee Happiness | Hannah Litt

Matt and Hannah chat about the Freedom sub-theme of Acceptance. Acceptance is a state where diversity is embraced and openness is the encouraged state of mind.

Personal Development, Personal Growth & Employee Happiness | Andrew MacAskill

We are designed to evolve and grow, whilst standing still results in stagnation and inflexibility. Andrew MacAskill CCO at Fraser Dove International and LinkedIn change maker shares his expertise on personal Growth and Person development.

Challenges & Employee Happiness | Njabulo Mashigo

To maintain a sense of momentum we need to feel appropriately challenged in our roles. CHRO of the year and board advisor Njabulo Mashigo discusses the association between challenge and employee happiness.

Career Progression & Employee Happiness | Ben RainforthGott

Taking ownership of different responsibilities is a meaningful challenge that supports us moving forward. Ben RainforthGott Director of People & Organisational Development discusses the association between career progression with employee happiness

Employee Engagement | William Kahn

Following William's 1990 paper "Psychological conditions of personal engagement and disengagement at work" an entire industry was created called Employee Engagement.

Work Life Balance and Employee Happiness | Tony Latter, Clive Hyland & Laura Page

The Happiness Index internal culture team of HR pro Laura Page, Co-Founder Tony Latter and Head of Neuroscience Clive discuss the impact of work life balance. Listen to some expert thoughts and advice

Work Environment & Employee Happiness | Natasha Wallace

HR expert, entrepreneur and author Natasha Wallace sits down with our host Matt Phelan to discuss how to create a work environment safe from bullying, access issues etc AND that drives employee happiness.

Trust Safety & Employee Happiness | Phil Burgess

HR expert Phil Burgess sits down with Matt Phelan to discuss how Trust and Safety are key drivers of Employee Happiness. Trust is essential for commitment, so listen on for Phil's thoughts

Recognition & Employee Happiness | Simon Berry

Joining Matt to discuss the impact of recognition on employee happiness, Simon is one of the world's most respected and knowledgeable experts in employee recognition and reward.




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